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  1. Is there a trick to getting someone from HTC to read questions on this forum and answer them? Even just to say, "No, that's not possible."?
  2. My application is written using WebXR and viewed using Firefox Reality on the Focus 3 headset. In order to allow offline use, I have a helper app with an embedded web server. Starting with Android 10, it's not possible for an app to start an activity on boot. (BOOT_COMPLETED is a broadcast event, and broadcast events handlers are not allowed to start activities.) Any ideas for a workaround for that? Alternately, I could have the user manually start our process, but our process is not appearing in the Library of things we can run. It *does* appear in the list of things you can run in Kiosk Mode. What's the secret to getting a side-loaded app to appear in the Library?
  3. I am working on an application that is fairly heavy and cannot quite keep up the native 90FPS refresh rate of the Vive Focus 3. As a result, it drops to the next harmonic: 45FPS. The app could keep up a 60FPS rate, maybe even 72FPS. So I'm wondering if there's any way to tweak the VF3 firmware to change the native refresh rate down to one of those values?
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