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  1. It’s because I added this to get the system time and cause the problem: error = ViveSR::anipal::Eye::SRanipal_GetSystemTime(&system_t); Use the callback of C++ sample project provided by Vive can obtain 120Hz data...
  2. And another question, I want to collect the eye movement data of the participants while playing the VR game, which means that the eye data collection program needs to be run separately. Is C++ api the only way? Sorry to disturb you, do you have any comments, @Corvus?
  3. Hi everyone, I can only get data of about 60Hz using c++ eye tracking API. I just used the callback of the C++ sample project and modified main.cpp. The attached are the modified script and one of data collected by us. Here are software and hardware relevant details: runtime and 1.3.3 SDK win10 pro, CPU: i7-10700k, GPU: 3060ti Looking forward to your reply, thanks! Sub_testv_Time_1_2021_9_14_18_16.csv
  4. Hi , I have tried the runtime and 1.3.3 SDK, but still got same results with kaden(~60Hz when executing callback)
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