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  1. No this won't work either. Thanks, but I migrated from my existing support ticket(s) to the forums in the hope of getting better support. I canceled my Infinity subscription and am using RiftCat software now, which works flawlessly and costs a way less than my Infinity subscription. It's a shame that Vive is uncapable of solving 3-4 year old issues with their Viveport software. I wish I had done better research beforehand and avoided the HTC Vive line of products, but now I am stuck with it.
  2. Hy executing the file did nothing. It just won't open. The path you mentioned regarding the log files sadly does not exist.. Thank you for helping!
  3. Hy, I tried to reinstall Viveport after trying to perform an update from within Viveport which failed. On the Vive FAQ it said to reinstall the software to fix this issue...well. I've read and tested all suggestions from multiple forums posts about what to do regarding this issue and am in contact with Vive support (which is leading nowhere) but I cannot reinstall Viveport. I am in the middle of developing a Unity app for my university as part of my thesis and I have not been able to make progress for two weeks, since I am using a Focus Plus headset and need to stream to the headset using Viveport. There are two applications to download from Vive as far as I can tell: 1) Vive setup 2) Viveport Vive setup has a nasty "Sign In" Button in its installer that does not work at least since 2018: Viveport will try to install and shows "Installation complete" followed by a generic windows popup "how do you want to open this file" but with no options other than microsoft store, or an error from explorer.exe saying "file not found". I've tried: 1) Force uninstalling all HTC and Vive related apps with microsofts tool ( https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed) 2) Cleaning out all Temp folders related to HTC or Vive 3) Cleaning the registry from everything HTC or Vive related with the help of professional IT-Support 4) Adding a new user and trying to reinstall on their account I have provided all logs I could find if anyone cares to check them (Vive support certainly did not care for them - although requested by them). Any help would be extremely appreciated!! Updater_20210921_165940_015_225241.txt Updater_20210921_165928_675_277361.txt Updater_20210921_165939_917_272241.txt Updater_20210921_165923_481_177681.txt HeadsetUtils_20210921_165923_098_278721.txt ViveSoftwareInstall-log-20210921-165918.txt HeadsetUtils_20210921_165919_901_354761.txt Updater_20210921_165937_428_207241.txt Updater_20210921_165924_464_121561.txt Updater_20210921_165928_771_322881.txt Updater_20210921_165928_748_197521.txt
  4. Thank you for the write up, Vive support seems to have adapted your approach. Sadly, it does not work for me...
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