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  1. Not yet - It still is partially operating but I've never gotten the expected response from Wifi Direct Preview.
  2. As an additional question, does Direct Preview support Hand tracking & Bluetooth information from the headset?
  3. Good Afternoon, I'm trying to identify the differences between the above two packages to see which fits our needs better for Unity Development. I've explored both a little but I'm hoping for there to be a document or reference highlighting the significant differences. We intend to use Focus 3's as our target headset, as well as the most recent support Unity LTS. Thanks
  4. This is for Wifi Direct Preview. It is working in a similar sense to USB debugging so far. URP is not enabled the current version is 2020.3.18f though I have tested and had matching results on 2019.4.30f
  5. Good Afternoon, I am trying to setup direct preview on my Focus 3 headset. I have successfully (I believe) installed the Device APK and started the server. When following the steps on the direct preview guide page, the server begins to respond to headset packets, and when started remotely, the headset can control the camera rotation & position within Unity. The problem is that the Connecting... text never goes away and there is no streaming from Unity to the headset. I've tested this in a variety of configurations/plugged-in/etc and have been receiving the same results. Any guidance would be appreciated. Headset - Focus 3 Wave SDK - 4.11 We are attempting to use Hand tracking also if that helps
  6. For me, the solution was adding the android SDK tools to my system path variables I.E adding stuff like this C:\Program Files\Unity\Hub\Editor\2020.3.18f1\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\AndroidPlayer\SDK\XXX for tools, platform tools
  7. As a note- The above happens after starting fresh and copying the steps from your above message
  8. So when you hit run - for me it puts up this error Failed to import package with error: Cannot import package in play mode. UnityEditor.AssetDatabase:ImportPackage (string,bool) And generates new copies of the Wave & Handtracking folder that include some of the Asset files (like VHTSettings & ControllerModel)
  9. Yep. Ideally we'd move them to 3rd_party folder to support us managing packages better. Same for the ViveHandTracking folder
  10. I'd like to reorganize the structure of my wave project but these are generated and checked at run time and I haven't found the correct location to alter their spot. I'd take any guidance on this. Thanks!
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