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  1. I have literally just solved this issue. I have two monitors (a benq 4k and a Samsung 1080p) being run by a zotac amp extreme 1080 ti. My 4k monitor was connected via hdmi 2.0 my 1080p monitor was connected by a dvi to HDMI adapter and my vive was connected via a display port to HDMI connector. In short I had to rearrange the cables to ensure that the vive was connected direct through the HDMI port my 4k had to use the DVI adapter and my 1080p had to use the display port adapter. I am not sure if this will help any of you but that is what I did to get rid of the terrible "306" error.
  2. Well don't I feel daft ........... The movement issue was caused by.....wait for it......a frikking dangly Christmas decoration, just one more reason to dislike this time of year :P And also the sensors now appear to go to sleep aswell ???? I am so confused right now. Feel free to delete this Rockjaw.
  3. Hi all, as the title says, since the latest firmware updates (I installed them 2 or 3 days ago) my Vive has been acting strangely. Whilst standing or sitting perfectly still the view seems to jump to the left then the right like its juddering but these amounts of movement are so small it definitely isn't that. The big problem, is these tiny movements are enough to make me feel incredibly ill just whilst standing in the starting area looking for a game to play, and the feeling comes on very quickly - normal motion sickness for me takes a good 10 - 15 minutes to become unbearable but this is happening within 10 seconds or less. Is there anyway to revert back to the previous Firmware as I can't use my vive whilst it is like this ? The headset and the wall mounted sensors were updated, and now also the sensors will not go into sleep mode at all. If I can't go back how long am I looking at before getting a patch to address these issues ?
  4. This is MK2, as I said in my other reply up top I have added 2 x 45° 40mm bends and cut a little more of the section of pipe to join the angled pieces. you can see the image here : http://i.imgur.com/ec28Gct.jpg As you can see the controller heads now sit perfectly horizontal so makes sniping a lot easier. I booted up Hotdogs,Horseshoes and Handgrenades earlier and fired a couple of shots with the 50cal Barret (biggest gun in the game) and managed to murder a watermelon at a good few hundred meters. I shake very badly due to reasons and this steadied my aim enough so I was able to pull of my first fruit kill on the sniper range :) The two extra pieces brought the price upto just less than £16 .
  5. It needs something else which is 2x 45° bends as the angle of the controllers are slightly out. Will post more pics of MK2 when it is complete.
  6. Hi all, after playing many VR games that needed you to have a steady hand for a rifle, such as H3, The Nest and The last Sniper I had a look around and saw some great designs for cheap accessories so I went down to my local B&Q type place and purchased some bits to make one. I ended up spending Around £14 on a 2 meter of 40mm plastic pipe, a very cheap mousemat and some 40mm fittings* (all the type that uses solvent to connect - but we don't need that here). The complete list of fittings (aside from the bits I have just mentioned) are : *3x 90° bends *3x Tjunctions *2x 45° bends and that is it. The process of making it was fairly simple as you can see from the pictures, and the cheap mousemat I bought was cut into small strips to sit in the joins of the T-junctions (two upright and one horizontal) to make a soft but firm grip for the vive controllers. The hardest bit about the whole thing was getting the lenghts of pipe right for a personalised comfort (I havent put any measurements on here as everyone has different comfort levels and arm reach). Big thanks to the guys on the Vive Reddits etc for inspiring me to finaly build one of these. Some photo's for reference : http://i.imgur.com/VEjCVEj.jpg http://i.imgur.com/JhEmnZK.jpg http://i.imgur.com/pb7l4m2.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Hu5Bv6e.jpg
  7. On the desktop app the first time you click on the Viveport tab at the top it should ask for a location then. Just set it (if you can) and then restart the app. Hope this helps.
  8. I can't see anyway to do it in the Vive app so I would imagine you would need to go to your control panel and then to programs and features and uninstall from there. If you have CCleaner from Piriform I would also do a registry scan to make sure all the registry entries are completely gone aswell. After that do a restart and re download to see if it fixes the problem.
  9. As soon as you click on the top tab called "Viveport" it should ask you to set a location then, if it isn't the maybe uninstall re-install to see if that helps, it's what I had to do when I got stuck on choosing a location. Either that or maybe you don't need to set one, try downloading a free app and if it works then you should be good. regards Trooper
  10. Yes, the GPU temp. I have done a little more experimenting and it is defifnitely HTC process related. Thanks for passing the info on, if any more info is required then please give me a shout.
  11. Hi all I have a question regarding the Vive desktop app and the processes that it uses. For some reason this app or its processes are causing my GPU to idle 15°C higher than normal (30°C is normal - 46°C idle when Vive/processes run). Even after I shut the vive app fully down the temps dont drop, I have to stop a few processes to get it to return to normal. These processes are : HTCVRMarketplaceUserContextHelper (x2 of those) VivePhoneInit.exe ViveportService Why would one of these affect my GPU so much when I am not using it ? My GPU is the EVGA 980TI FTW edition Any help would be appreciated as I also think that this extra temp is carrying over to when I use the VR headset, making it run at around 75°C instead of normal 60°C whilst using fullscreen normal gaming.
  12. Hi RockJaw, firstly I apologise for my frustrations...just one of THOSE days. Well all of my problems have now been fixed, I did this by telling Viveport to have a quiet word with itself whilst I slept and it seams to have worked as when I awoke this morning everything worked perfectly from sign in to downloading products. Thank you for your time in replying and in all seriousness I have no idea how the issues resolved themselves as I went from not being able to sign into the desktop client to then not being able to set a location and finally not being able to download anything due to the "processing" window just staying on my screen for over 2 hours. I'm not sure if there was an update or if the shutdown helped, but everything is working fine now thank you.
  13. I think there are a few bugs in the desktop client as I have been struggling to get it to work for about 4 hours so far. I too can goto the webpage and select stuff for my library but nothing shows up in Vive home so I thought I'd download it again from the desktop app......NOPE not working, all that I get is a box appear saying "processing". I am hoping that a patch will be issued pretty darn quick to solve all of these issues. The only thing I can suggest is re-download the desktop client and hope it is the updated version. Good Luck.
  14. OK so after a few re downloads and installs and after not being able to even log into my desktop client the loaction finally decided to work........only now I can't actually download anything, the "processing " box just sits in the middle of the screen doing nothing. Bit of a frustrating start guys, if I'm honest. For the money I paid I expect working software at the very least.
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