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  1. @chengnay Since I switch the platform to WaveVR and switch back to Oculus Android, It can work perfectly now. And seem like it doesn't require the patch. Thank for your help.
  2. @chengnay these were the packages I installed And Oculus Integration version is 29.0
  3. @chengnay After the patch, Dice can change its color when I press the trigger, but still can't grab it on. I also test the ViveInput on my project, but it was still not working to me.
  4. @chengnay It's still not working at sample scene "Collider Event" either my project or the new project for testing.
  5. @chengnay I can't test the scene now, but hand gesture callback work fine in my project. I will test the sample scene ASAP.
  6. As title. I'm trying to get the callback from ViveInput.AddClick but it seem not working to me. And the device I'm testing is oculus quest 2. Here is my testing code. controllerButtons is created by my own code it was a array of all enum of ControllerButton. private void Start() { var everyHandEvent = ControllerEventData.HandEvent.Everything; var controllerButtons = everyHandEvent.GetAllFlagBits().Cast<ControllerButton>().ToArray(); HandRole[] everyHandRoles = new HandRole[] { HandRole.RightHand, HandRole.LeftHand, HandRole.ExternalCamera, HandRole.Controller3, HandRole.Controller4, HandRole.Controller5, HandRole.Controller6, HandRole.Controller7, HandRole.Controller8, HandRole.Controller9, HandRole.Controller10, HandRole.Controller11, HandRole.Controller12, HandRole.Controller13, HandRole.Controller14, HandRole.Controller15, }; foreach (var handRole in everyHandRoles) { foreach (var button in controllerButtons) { ViveInput.AddPressDown(handRole, button, () => RuntimeDebug.Log($"HandRole={handRole},\r\nButton={button}")); ViveInput.AddPress(handRole, button, () => RuntimeDebug.Log($"HandRole={handRole},\r\nButton={button}")); ViveInput.AddPressUp(handRole, button, () => RuntimeDebug.Log($"HandRole={handRole},\r\nButton={button}")); ViveInput.AddClick(handRole, button, () => RuntimeDebug.Log($"HandRole={handRole},\r\nButton={button}")); } } }
  7. @chengnay Thanks for your testing. To solve out this problem, I will create my own gesture date in my test project and return the gesture data back to my original project. I think I don't have any other questions for now, thanks again.
  8. @chengnay Yes, either @12345467860785678 or @Naukri got banned now. this was the notify message I got. @percy01
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