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  1. There was a Pokemon style game in one of the VR Chat rooms not sure if its still there but worth looking.
  2. I have swapped live on streams before from the rift to the vive so it is possible just unplug and plug in the other unit as long as they have both been set up there shouldnt be an issue
  3. i own both the rift and the vive Not the Pro. My vive is the most used 95% ofthe time i just love it.
  4. Anything that Makes VR more immersive im all for. I can imagine playing Skyrim and Smelling all the different smells when changing from one area to another. Or adding that extra layer of fear in a Horror game with the smell of death. Sounds good will keep an eye on the progess Do you have a website or newsletter to sign up to?
  5. Check out https://store.steampowered.com/app/668010/Goalie_VR/ you can have upto 5 players they just need a mobile phone to be able to join you playing the game
  6. As Vibrant Nebula has already mentioned Liv are the best guys to go check out for taking yourself into VR in a MR enviorment. Beat Saber is a great game to experience trying out MR.
  7. I am very eager to hear your story regarding HTC and how you found their service, Vive or other. I will also be posting updates as this progresses for anyone interested. Chris I have to say the Guys at HTC have been most helpful after a little hiccup at the very start. Over a year ago I had a controller issue that needed sorting. After coming onto the forum and posting my story the guys have really helped me out and got things resolved very quickly. Since then i have other minor problems and those have been dealt with very professionally by HTC customer Service. So its not always bad service.
  8. Because HTC employ magic fairies that sprinkle their magic fairy dust into the making of the units. They then give each or the Pro's a Sweet little Kiss. Fairy dust and Lip balm for the fairies costs a lot of money. And that's the reason the Pro costs so much.
  9. Wait for the full package to be release later in the year or but the original Vive there still excellent machines
  10. Enjoy your "current PC / console games" Its not going to happen
  11. Hey i havesent you a pm with a good lot of links for funders and people that support VR and Indie devs. and when you need some testers make sure you get in touch with me. We work with a lot of devs testing and helping make awesme games. Check your Pm Se7en
  12. That sucks dude. Really sorry for your loss. Vives are not like mobiles so dont have gps in as far as i know so i highly doubt it could be tracked. Steam do not keep a track of the serial numbers either. And as you have said the unit was boxed up so chances are you didnt have a copy of the serial numbers. I know its too late now but Top tip. Always take a photo of the serial numbers and upload them to the cloud or an email client you never know when you might need them. Once again hope the police can track down the people who stole it.
  13. Done and shared for you over our social channels wrote: Hello Vive community, I'm reaching out to your community in hopes to gather data for my bachelor's thesis regarding attitudes towards virtual reality gaming and products. The responses gathered from the survey are 100% anonymous and would be a tremendous help towards the completion of the project. The survey shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes from start to finish. https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/A245FF4ADDFDDB92 I appreciate each and every one of you who was willing to sacrifice their time to help me out Best regards, TheOrson
  14. wrote: I agree with CaTaPulT and Se7en11.... I wanted very much to buy and play Subnautica.... but that game does not work with my HTC Vive controllers.... so I will purchase a different game. My HTC Vive and its controllers work GREAT for games like: Arizona Sunshine, Obduction, The Gallery (part 1 and 2), Job simulator, Star Trek Bridge Crew, etc. The Devs of Subnautica were not that interested in the VR side of the game when it was in EA now its a full release there is hope it will be looked at again. But if you want a game that is similar to Subnautica but set in Space try Star Shelter. I highly recommend it.
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