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  1. Hello guys, I'm wondering if someone managed to get cordova or something similar correctly running on Focus Plus? I'm trying to have a webbased offline application running on the headset, which is using webvr. Problem is that controllers doesnt work at all, not even going to menue/home. And that the view direction is rotated around 90°. It seems that the device is reporting wrong gyro values. If anyone got a hint/direction to overcome that issues, I would highly appreciate.
  2. I already contacted support via chat, took some time with answers, waiting back/forth etc. But I now should sent the headset to a htc repair shop. Hope this goes all well and we arent getting charged for anything. Have to admit that I'm quite disappointed by the product. I dont unterstand how you can advertise a product with such a software as a business device. A simple factory reset possiblity would have done the job here, and would have saved time on our side and on htc's side.
  3. Got exactly the same issue. Kiosk mode cant be disabled, no matter what I press. Factory reset is not shown in the download menue. Adb debugging wasnt enabled so there is nothing I could do on that side. But when running in bootloader mode or download mode the device is reconized but adb drivers doesnt seem to work. So any tips how to revive the focus plus?
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