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  1. Hallo, wenn Sie die VIVE Business Streaming Software Software auf Ihrem PC installieren - sieht das so aus, als ob sie richtig funktioniert? Es sollte ein Fenster mit der IP-Adresse Ihres Computers erscheinen.
  2. Ok, thanks for the info. Still, can't wait to see it 🙂
  3. Any chance of up update on this? Looking forward to some extra crispness and quality with streaming.
  4. This is awesome, much easier to be able to just plug it in and copy stuff over. Can confirm this works - mine was saying charging when not plugged in Love this - it was weird having to select yes to close a previous app or whatever when I just wanted to exit the app.
  5. On a side note - I can't believe I typo'd 'Higher' in the title lol
  6. I only really use wireless streaming on the Focus 3, not USB; I have an Asus RT AX55 dedicated for wireless streaming and it works really well. I've used USB with the Quest 2 and it seems to work fine, but not sure if they have the same chipset related issues.. Your build should be fine, it should only be an extra $40 or so to get the right USB card, but I haven't tried any, so I can't really recommend. I would think that anything with the ASM3242 chipset should be fine, but again, I can't really say for sure, since I haven't tried one.
  7. Thanks HackPerception - it would be great to get a coming soon, or could be several months or something - even if it's vague it would be great to have some idea. I didn't realise Taipei was in lockdown - sorry to hear that.
  8. Has anyone seen any kind of ETA on when we can use a higher bit rate and/or resolution for streaming? This comes up a fair bit, but I haven't seen any official responses as to whether or not it's actually even going to happen - did I miss something?
  9. I'm running a 3070 and AMD R5 3600 at the moment and they're going great. Don't forget when you're buying new gear that people are normally happy to help critique the build before you buy. C.T. Do you have any more specific recommendations for a PCI USB card? Something with a ASM3142 chipset?
  10. No problem. The standalone part means that it can run stuff on its own without a computer. Streaming from the computer requires a fairly decent graphics card because you're not only running the PCVR application, you're also compressing and sending it to the headset and processing the commands/movement information that comes back from the headset. Go to this link: https://business.vive.com/appstore/products and click 'Mobile VR' on the left, that will show you the stuff the headset can run natively without a computer at all. Hopefully you can find enough in there to keep you going until you can get a better PC.
  11. Hey, Sorry to break it to you, but the GTX 950M is less than half the speed of the recommended minimum video card. I don't know if anyone else has suggestions, but I don't believe this card will ever give tolerable performance for VR.
  12. Hey Jaxx, If it's an all-in-one machine, your video card may not be great. You can check if you click the windows button down the bottom left, then type 'Device Manager' open that up and click the arrow beside 'Display Adapters' and let me know what's under there.
  13. If you give some more info about your setup, it will make it easier for people to offer assistance. I'm guessing you're meaning the image is blurry? (Or do you mean it's jumpy and poor frame rate?) What are your PC specs? What wireless router/AP do you use? (You could try USB 3 to help eliminate wireless issues) In Vive business streaming on your PC - are you using 'Quality' and '100Mbps'? What's your SteamVR render resolution? You're always going to have some blur in the image due to the lower streaming resolution and bitrate - I'm hanging out for higher res and bitrate though to make the image nicer. Although, I am getting used to it, I'll be very happy when we can increase these..
  14. No news that I've heard of yet, but hoping this is high on the priority list! Although if ggodin can get Virtual Desktop on here I'd be stoked with that too 🙂
  15. So I used SideQuest to copy video files onto the headset and that went ok, but I had to restart the headset before the files were visible to Vive Video. Does anyone have a process that doesn't require a restart? Exiting the app and going back in didn't seem to help.
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