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  1. It is on Fixed with Ultra/Extreme. HAGS is off, but no matter what SS i set in Steam, the picture dose not change. vive support suspects the cable.
  2. I Did, the resolution in the console is at maximum (ultra). yet Steamvr reports 2348X2348. for comparison if i hook the G2 instead, Steamvr reports 3864X3780 in 150%. there's definetly something disturbing the vive to go full res.
  3. This is a resolution issue as its not a "slightly" better situation, its overwhelmingly different. and from what i hear from others, its supposed to look as crisp and sharp as the G2. i have a index level resolution with the Vive Pro 2. steam reports 2348X2348 resolution on 150%. something is just not working correctly.
  4. Hi i was wondering if someone had this issue and can shed some light. I bought the VP2 today, coming from a mixed VR of knuckles and Reverb G2. People saying the VP2 is clearer / exactly the same as G2 in terms of clarity/graphics, but i just don't see it! The G2 seems WAY more clear then the VP2, something in my resolution is not working, i tried every trick in the book. adjusting my straps, my HMD, lens distance and IPD, changed resolutions both in vive software and in steam. (150% in steam and Ultra in Vive) i also reformatted the PC to eliminate bad drivers left overs from previous setups. but for the life of me, the G2 is much clearer then the Vive! am i missing something? My setup: * 10900K Core i9 * RTX 2080 (Original) * The DP cable is the one that came with the package.
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