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  1. Seems I'm unable to reply directly to a Status also.

    The email was actually part of a Vive Business invitation, and upon registering for the forums, did not receive a request to verify. My profile states "100% complete" and the post-forum-registration email states "Welcome to Community Forum and thank you for joining" with no option to verify.

    Sorry to be awkward!

    1. C.T.


      it's cool, you are good now.

  2. Is it possible to override " You have reached the maximum number of posts you can make per day"?
    I'm unable to respond to the thread.


    1. C.T.


      You may want to verified the email first. 🙂 

  3. Ok thanks. The app does indeed run (but not display correctly, which is another matter) when deployed from Visual Studio. The problem we have is we always have to deploy from VS in order for the app to run at all - having the option to launch them directly from an unknown sources directory, like other headsets, would be great. I note that we do not have this issue with the Vive Focus Plus (where the apps would display along side regular content).
  4. They are not built with the Wave SDK at all, which I assume is why they don't display in the default Shell Library.. Do you know if it's possible for an app to correctly display (even without being built with the Wave SDK) by ensuring the following? Configure App Capabilities — Wave VR 4.1.0 documentation (vive.com)
  5. With unknown sources enabled and a third-party app installed, is there no specific UI to launch them? Aside from Storage in settings which lists them and offers uninstallation only.
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