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  1. Hi, Can anyone elaborate on these different timesteps? I'm working on a project in Unity 2020 LTS and it seems like DualCamera is updating every frame while RenderCamera is not updating at all.
  2. Hi, I am having an issue using the SRWorks SDK in a newer version of Unity (2021.1.12f1). There are some obsolete method calls (in ViveSR_Settings.cs and ReconstructedAssestImporter.cs) which I think I fixed. However, when I run the sample scene, the RenderCamera objects (left and right) do not seem to move with the headset. This is despite the fact that the TrackedCamera objects (left and right) both track fine. My question is: What function (and in what script) handles the movement of the RenderCamera objects? It seems clear that ViveSR_DualCameraRig.cs handles movem
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