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  1. Unfortunately, update 3.0.999.124 had no influence on my initial problem.
  2. It seems that there was something wrong with my unit, cause now its completely dead. I tried to download the latest update inside the headset. It was stuck at 0% and then I decided to shut down using the power button and the menu to start over. Now I can't power it on again. Pressing the power button short or long with or without the volume button shows no reaction in any way. Connecting the USB-C cable changes nothing. No reaction from the fan or power led in the front. Is there an RMA process?
  3. Due to covid I'm working in my private room instead of the office. The floor is not the issue, I tried in other rooms with different floor and other lighting conditions. I filed a report with the same email as this account. Controller tracking works fine in the home environment, there is a small cognitive disconnect in the setup environment where the controllers are displayed and where I think they should be. Reminds me a little of the pass trough mode of the first vive pro. But nothing major. Pass through looks fine with some expected distortions where the cameras are stitched like with the Quest 2
  4. Hi, I just got a Vive Focus 3 and I have a problem with the room / floor setup. The focus 3 is unable to detect the floor properly. Its always a plane mid air that moves with the headset up and down. On top of that, it has an angle that increases with the direction the headset is facing. If i set the height manually, I'm able to move the floor to its proper height, but as soon as I get up, the floor moves with me and is again sliding around above the ground. Using this floor is possible, but the resulting guardian is just floating somewhere and not stationary. If I use this setup for VR, I get bad tracking with moving and shifting ground as expected. I tried this in different, well lit rooms with different high contrast floors and enough space. Other Headsets with inside-out tracking (Q1, Q2, Rift S, Reverb G2) work fine in this environment. I'm using the current version 3.0.999.116 Any suggestion?
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