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  1. Really enjoying this update too! Overall the performance feels smoother, maybe the "high performance" option there is helping. Also very happy with the first iteration of the hand tracking! One thing I'd like to request ASAP though, we need a "Home" or "Exit" gesture so that we're not stuck in an app that does not support hand tracking and have to fumble around to find our controllers. I discovered that tapping the headset button twice trickers passthru view which is nice and helpful for that, but even just a "Home" gesture would close the usability loop a bit.
  2. In case anyone else runs into it - somewhere along the way with the Windows 11 update, my PC's primary network was set to "Public" rather than "Private." Public is more restrictive and does not allow connectivity to services on a PC unless manually configured, with the assumption in you're in a non-trusted environment. I switched that network to "Private" and I immediately was able see the VBS server on my PC, and had a great hour of wireless VR without serious issue.
  3. I am most definitely doing that! 🙂 Works great. But I want to see more native Focus 3 apps on there too, eventually. I hope.
  4. I'll give it a look, thanks. Even wired was acting up it turned out, so I think Win11 may have just been blocking one of the services. I haven't gone back to try wireless again since that post but I suspect I'll be a-OK now.
  5. Do you guys have any other recommendations for VR browsers on the Focus 3 until Mozilla either ramps up again on Firefox Reality or someone else takes over the project? This feels like a very large gap on the headset right now. We still can't use Mozilla Hubs at all, half of the WebXR content I try breaks or crashes FR and it's just not a very good experience at the moment. That's really unfortunate for a headset like this that's so perfect for standalone web content. I'm almost tempted to try building Chromium for it LOL...but I can only see that going badly.
  6. I know there are purchasing issues to consider, "This is a business headset" etc etc. 🙂 I just subscribed to Infinity to use with my Reverb G2 while some of the Focus 3 features are clearly still being...baked. But I was disappointed to see that the Focus 3 isn't even listed in Viveport as a supported device. Surely the SteamVR games should be compatible already, right? And the power and flexibility of Infinity is that eventually Focus 3 users could find a nice, small library of apps available there too.
  7. Are there any hand tracking demos available to try on the Focus 3? I'd really like to see more development in this area, but I've yet to find any functional demo apps.
  8. And to jump on ShadowBrain's comment there - if HTC's main concerns are around improving that bitrate over wifi, what about splitting the bitrate options for USB and wifi connections? I'm happy to hear long term there is work being done to improve the overall performance of wifi streaming (I can't even get wifi streaming working again right now on Windows 11 for some reason) but I think many of us would be happy to see the USB streaming options unlocked a bit more. I have to imagine the streaming limitations over USB-C could be raised much more easily.
  9. I don't know if this will help, but if you happen to be on a laptop give this a look - I'm seeing an error "No supported GPU found", what should I do? (vive.com)
  10. Are there any known issues with this release and Windows 11? I'm on Windows 11 Pro version 21H2, OS Build 22000.194 and have been trying for the past hour to get wireless streaming working again. The server starts on the PC, but when running the app in the headset, it's not able to see any available PCs on the network. No changes to the wireless network since the last time I tried a few weeks ago, and I'm on VBS 1.04.0 and made sure the headset app is updated as well. Also disabled the Windows Firewall completely on the PC to make sure something wasn't being blocked, and no change in behavior.
  11. It looks like viwolf already answered, but in case you weren't able to translate, make sure you've installed VIVE Business Streaming on your PC and install the Streaming app on the headset itself, and you should be good to go. VIVE Business Streaming | VIVE Business United States
  12. I don't know if it'll be of any help, but I believe Wave SDK 4.1 is out now, and if you're still using 4.0 perhaps the newer version will address some of your problems?
  13. So far so good, SteamVR was a little crashy on my two first attempts at running it but it stablized after forcing everything to halt and restarting it. I am noticing maybe more chop/judder when moving forward and back (while wifi streaming) to the point in games like Eleven ping pong I have to stay stationary or it starts making the experience uncomfortable. If I stay still and only turn my head and move my arms, everything is performing very well on a 5 Ghz/877 Mpbs wifi connection. I thought maybe it was just Eleven but Half-Life: Alyx was experiencing the same "chop." I tried to capture it as I was playing but I won't be able to check it out until tomorrow. Otherwise, things seem to be continuing to improve! Thanks to the team.
  14. Most excellent! I was getting pretty used to using the native OpenXR for WMR runtime on the Reverb G2, so very much looking forward to that being supported as well on the Focus 3. I've also been experimenting with StereoKit a bit which is focused on OpenXR, so a native solution would be helpful there too. Even with SteamVR's OpenXR implementation while using Vive Business Streaming, for some reason I haven't been able to get controllers/hands working in StereoKit, but head tracking is otherwise working well.
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