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  1. If that's not working well for you, I've found recently that SideQuest gives me a lot of the same functionality.
  2. I tweeted a quick note to the HTC Vive account about this, but I thought it might be good to share for others who are looking for OpenXR support. Oculus/Facebook just took a big leap forward into fully making OpenXR the true standard for interoperability. I'm fully backing HTC in this fight right now, so I hope to see something similar posted publicly! There are 2 months left in Q3, c'mon we can do this. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oculus All In on OpenXR: Deprecates Proprietary APIs
  3. Is there anywhere particular we can look for in progress updates, features focus, things like that? I'm particularly curious about WebXR support right now. I've been tracking through an issue with Mozilla Hubs thru Firefox Reality, and it doesn't even look like the Focus 3 controller assets and profiles have been merged yet... Add HTC Vive Focus 3 profile and model. by lawwong ยท Pull Request #199 ยท immersive-web/webxr-input-profiles (github.com) Also, when running most of the WebXR tests/examples on the Immersive Web site, the performance is substantially worse than what I used to se
  4. I don't remember any specific error codes now, but I went ahead and removed everything, reinstalled again and rebooted, and I've been using the beta version the past two days without any real issues. Glitch in the Matrix I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Take a look here, hopefully you'll find something helpful. VIVE Business Streaming
  6. As much as I'm enjoying the Focus 3, I'm sure we're all aware this will not be (nor is intended to be) a mainstream headset. That being the case (pun intended!) we can't expect much of an accessory ecosystem to spring up around the device. I would have imagined with the cost of the headset and being business focused there would be either an included or available storage accessory, case, etc to keep it in. Right now because I'm using it daily I'm just leaving it on a side desk for charging, but there will most definitely be a time I'll want to take it elsewhere. Are there plans for an official
  7. The link to "page" there is opening to, "Uh oh. This Portal has no access." Is that a me problem or a page problem?
  8. I've been using the non-beta version most of the weekend and the experience has been very good, great job all! ๐Ÿ™‚ I did try the beta version once and was unable to connect though - do I need to load a beta version of the app on the device as well to match the updated desktop VIVE Business Streaming app, or should the beta version work with the existing headset app?
  9. Ok great I'll take a look at the WaveSDK for now, thanks! That makes sense about Firefox Reality, that's unfortunate. Are there alternatives to it available on the headset? Sounds like something the open source VR community might need to pick up the way TiltBrush was revitalized. ๐Ÿ™‚ A browser is definitely a different beast though...
  10. I should be getting my Focus 3 order "soon" and thought I'd ask ahead of time - what is the current status of native OpenXR support on the Focus 3? I'm hoping to use it (eventually) for mostly OpenXR and WebXR experimentation, using things like StereoKit and Babylon.JS or Three.js. I'm assuming WebXR should be fine via Firefox Reality browser, but I don't recall seeing how OpenXR support will work in standalone mode or via PC streaming mode. I'm familiar with Windows Mixed Reality's portal providing OpenXR support there for native apps, but would the Focus 3 have its own that would need to be
  11. I just ordered mine today and from what I've seen elsewhere I expect to recommend some of these same things, so... BUMP! ๐Ÿ™‚ Really hoping it performs as well as I'm expecting based on the hands-on reviews I've seen from others. I'm hoping to make this my primary headset for at least the next 2 years.
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