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  1. Change frequency without restart. Now that's gotta be the most requested feature. ++
  2. Using motion smoothing in VR, Valve or HTC, is sort of like using stretched SD on a 4K TV. If you need that, you are indeed better to stick to your 27" CRT.
  3. I returned my first one because of this. It seemed to develop the problem sometime after I bought it. I then bought a second, which was happily free of the issue for about a week, but then some update caused the honeymoon to be over. I still kept this one only because overall the display its still superior to the competition, but I'd say it lost about 50% of its original wow factor to this issue. The former comment about it losing its factory calibration sounds like a very sensible explanation.
  4. I'm one of the complainers about this vertical line issue (but no issues with sound). However, let me just be clear that you shouldn't avoid trying this headset, just because of this. I really like the headset overall, and regard that problem as just an unfortunate nit that I'd love to have addressed since, as good as it is, it could be better. And even though I don't see this headset as the most ideal all-around unit (I still keep my Index for Beat Saber and other casual titles), the games the VP2 excels in can still be quite spectacular and make the headset very much worth having. I just purchased Myst VR and this HMD makes it looks so much more impressive than my Index (and interestingly, in that title I don't seem to notice the vertical lines hardly at all, nor glare). Sims are also improved pretty dramatically. Yes, we do often complain here in this forum (since this is the natural place to bring attention to various issues), but I still regard the VP2's positives to heavily outweigh the negatives.
  5. No, but my performance is much better now whenever I play certain content over a long period.
  6. Perfect description. I returned my first VP2 thinking this had to be a defect in my unit, but the lines are there on my second one too. I'm quite certain HTC engineering is well aware of this considering how widely its been reported, but that the company has just decided that its normal. Kind of a shame since I find it quite distracting and results in a definite perceived loss of resolution. Not sure which is worse, true SDE or these lines coming and going as you play.
  7. Not surprising. I wonder though. Does "no problem found" mean that during testing the HTC engineers could see the vertical lines that you (and we) see but consider them within what the company regards as "normal" parameters; or does it mean that they do not see these vertical lines at all--suggesting possibly a local problem that all of us are having? Did they provide any such clarification? If not, can someone from HTC who monitors this forum indicate which this is? I'd love to know since this would help us all understand whether this phenomenon is something that is just an artifact of the display technology being used in this headset and needs to be accepted similar to traditional SDE; or whether it is abnormal and something that HTC genuinely does not see when testing these returned customer units. Yes, these lines are very thin, diaphanous, and such that some folks might not even notice them; but clearly vertical once you do see them and unmistakably there. So can you tell us, do you see these or not? If so, are they considered to be within normal tolerances from HTCs point of view? And if not, can you indicate this?
  8. Yeah, kind of agree. Support has been very responsive, but its all "try a bunch of things" scattershot type assistance with nothing that gives me confidence that they know how to address this specific issue. I should mention that my use of Performance mode above turned out to be a very temporary, and any improvement it offered was gone the next day.
  9. Yes, unfortunately, the vertical lines when moving my head have returned on my new unit. Seemed to have happened after I moved the slider to join the Beta and new software was installed, but cannot say with certainty that that was the cause since switching back had no effect. This time the lines seem more like white lines than black ones, but either way, I reported the issue to HTC and they responded quite quickly with things for me to try. One of these was to see if the problem was visible at other resolutions. I normally use Ultra resolution, so I tried all the others. The vertical lines continued to be just as stark until I got down to Performance mode, where they seemed to be less intense. That was interesting, but not very useful for obvious reasons; however, when I returned to Ultra mode the vertical lines seemed a bit less severe. So on a hunch, I went back to Performance mode and used it for about 10-15 minutes. Over this time the vertical lines seemed to slowly fade even more, and when I eventually returned to Ultra mode, the lines were now substantially reduced to the point of being almost acceptable. This was last night, and I need to play with this some more, but naturally, I'd be very interested in whether any other users having this issue can duplicate this observation.
  10. If you are experiencing the vertical line issue, could you try something... Switch your headset into Performance mode (2448x1224, 120Hz) and use it for a while. I'd say, at least 10 to 15 minutes. After that, return to your normal resolution mode. Do you see a difference?
  11. No they didn't refuse to repair. I was still in my 30 day return period and so it was just a lot simpler to return it.
  12. Well, sounds like a calibration problem then. I don't know if HTC is calibrating their units better now or if it was just luck-of-the-draw that got me a new unit without this problem, but either way a similar tool is going to be needed for the VP2 if units continue to go out like this or if it is something that can be induced after using it for a while.
  13. A couple days later and still good. And this is after having accidentally left the distribution box turned on overnight, and after turning off auto-brightness (the new brightness slider in SteamVR is a nice addition). Still no black lines. So far so good.
  14. It is entirely possible that I didn’t have it initially on my first unit either. But the fact that I didn’t “see” it until I read a post and went looking for it (at which point it became obvious) suggests that I may have just been initially blind to it like the old Charlie Brown cartoon where Linus suddenly notices his tongue and then can’t unfeel it. In a quick bit of research on “pixel inversion” in monitors, it does seem common for folks not to notice it–until they do and then can’t unnotice it. Kind of like in the old days when the default 60Hz refresh rate of CRT monitors started driving me crazy after someone “fixed” my monitor and I saw the difference. After that I couldn’t go near one of those flickering monitors without uping its refresh rate. Anyway, over the remainder of my 30 day return period I will be testing for this regularly after every change I make, so that if it returns, it should be easy to determine whether it just happens randomly or if there there is something more specific that causes it.
  15. Well, as far as the pixel inversion/black vertical line (or whatever you call it) problem on the VP2 goes, I returned my VP2 because of this a couple weeks ago. However, a few days ago--on the off chance that this was a unit defect--I went out on a limb and ordered a new one thinking that perhaps this was a defect in my unit. Well, lo and behold, this new one has absolutely no trace of the problem. Yup, the screen is completely clean when moving my head, which seems to confirm that it really is a per-unit defect. Now I've only tested for a few hours so far, but believe me, I know what the problem looks like and how to duplicate it and it is simply not present on this unit. I've even gone ahead and updated the Vive Console software and firmware; so unless a fix was introduced in the last couple weeks, I can totally confirm that this is not and should not be regarded as normal on the VP2. In fact, the screen is so clear now when I move my head, that its almost like a different panel!
  16. Well, I'm with you on the advantages of the 8KX, but keep in mind that the main complaint that every review seems to lead with on the VP2 is that it is outlandishly expensive ($200 more than a G2 kit, for example). So given that a new 8KX is the full price of a VP2 ($800) more than a G2, it stands to reason that it must be better in every conceivable way.
  17. Agreed. I had this problem and returned my unit largely because of it. This and also wanting more specific engineering information about the risks associated with forgetting to turn off the distribution box since I'm afraid doing this may have been the thing that caused it, and there's no way I can guarantee that if I get another unit I'll never forget to turn the box off after use--or leave it on longer than the time limit. I'm following this forum closely since I very much like the HMD otherwise, but want to see these issues acknowledged as fixed (or fixable) before re-purchasing.
  18. Yup, I had this too. I'm quite sure it wasn't there when I first got the headset--and seemed to start happening either after an update or possibly after I had left the distribution box on overnight (prior to the email that said to make sure you turn off the box or something will happen you never know what!). It is quite noticeable and looks like vertical-only SDE. I returned my headset because of this and because I really didn't want to have to deal with a repair (which, from the comments, probably wouldn't have been acknowledged as an issue anyway). I'm actually wanting to eventually re-purchase since I really liked the headset otherwise, but really need to have HTC fix this first, and also address the need to manually turn off the distribution box, since there is no way I'm not going to forget to do this from time-to-time or possibly use it longer than whatever the magic time limit is. Hope there are no businesses using this thing for double-shifts.
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