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  1. its why i didnt even bothered to send my vp2 to repairs for the pixel inversion bullshit,i asked for a refund instantly,people on the forum sent it for repair before me and got it back with the "no issue found" statement,got an 8kx wich also had like 10% pixel inversion of what vive pro 2 had,and a technician from pimax sent me a tool in wich you can easily allign the pixels perfectly till there is no inversion,i could even replicate the vive pro 2 atrocious sde with head movement on my 8kx,identically and you can easily allign it back from that vive pro 2 quality,htc doesnt even care for such a simple solution,i will never purchase an htc product again,i keep coming back to this forum and still see its not fixed wich makes me so happy that i returned my vive pro 2 and didnt waste months without vr.
  2. nah,its definetly not "normal" because i tested with this tool pimax support gave me for the 8kx,if i go to the bottom ends of "flicks" thats how they call it i can literally get it to how my vive pro 2 was,exactly the same but horizontally due to how the 8kx panels are alligned,same exact thing only with movement,but if i adjust i eventually allign the pixels or whatever happens and the lines turn from black lines like a mosquito net to invisible and looks perfect movement or not the image is cristal clear feels like playing with fire lol i was sometimes afraid it will remain stuck on like "vive pro 2" mode :)))) but its not the case.
  3. im glad for you,keep in mind i didnt notice it on my vive pro 2 for 2 weeks,so maybe it started suddenly,because i would have definetly seen the inversion in those first 2 weeks if it was present,mine was so bad it felt like a vertical mosquito net only when moving so im 100% it started randomly or maybe the last update fixed it idk i returned mine.i hope it doesnt happen again for you,its a bitch to not have an option to simply adjust it,the fix is so simple it could be a slider in the software menu.
  4. yes i actually didnt have 90hz in native before i was using the basic firmware,but after he gave me the update i got 90hz too.
  5. little update:contactead pimax customer support just to see and in 2 hour Doman Chen from pimax gave me like a debug tool where i use te volume buttons to allign the "flick" probably thats pixel allingment and now it is gone even that 20% of vp2 pixel inversion,now its like 0.the fix is insanely simple buffles my mind why htc doesnt do something like this for their most discussed issue on this forum.
  6. yeah its way more expensive,for those that dont see the pixel inversion vp2 is a great choice,and the only option for wireless,but no godrays like zero,no heat,the 150 fov and also the biggest reason that made me return the vp2 the dreaded pixel inversion being barely noticeable was well worth the extra 370 euros for me as i dont use wireless.
  7. got my 8kx,and all i can say is that it does indeed have it too but about 20% of what vp2 had,and the lines are invisible so easy to ignore unlike on vp2 where they turned black the difference is night and day and proly pimax can fix that too but i wont bother as it isnt distracting,also nice to use the panel at 100 without auto brightness bullshit,the colors actually pop the same there is no negative to the pimax maybe a little jitter but thats ok because it also has no glare at all and 150 fov,expensive but at least we get what we pay for,im 1000% it could have been easily reduced on vp2 too with a collumn correction like on index.
  8. yeah i ordered an 8kx and their customer support is fast and responds instantly to my questions about the hmd,mine didnt arrive yet but if i notice this pixel inversion issue i will contact them too,im pretty sure they just made you do what valve did with the index,some collumn corection that fixes this easily for the majority of people,their hmd displays are highly customizable too,like the colors,backlight,brightness even tracking code if you have an issue with tracking,unlike htc that doesnt even aknowledge this pixel inversion issue is present,its good to know that pimax is aware and willing to do something for their customers instead of ignoring,glad i returned my vive pro 2.
  9. return immediately and buy back if there will be a specific announcement fix,i returned mine and ordered an 8kx even if it has it if its not that noticeable i dont mind it,but to the degree it is on vive pro 2 is impossible to ignore and get used to,its so in your face its worse than normal sde in the original vive because you get used to that,but on pro 2 when you stay still you get a pristine picture and to always see it go away and turn into terrible vertical sde is so distracting its like antagonizing me with an amazing picture and take it away from me as soon as i move,trust me i tried to get over it but i just cant and you wouldnt either.
  10. i returned mine,fortunately i got it from amazon so it was a hassle free return,the way htc keeps ignoring this obvious common issue is crazy,how can you advertise a 5k screen and NO SCREEN DOOR EFFECT when with ever so slightly head movement it turns into the first vive sde wise,i ordered an 8kx instead i will return to confirm if that also has or doesnt have such issue,on my quest 2 this terrible behavior isnt present.
  11. yeah im pretty sure all vive pro 2 has it but only those with good eyesight can see it,if you bought 3 and all of them had it its definetly universal with this lcd panel,i didnt notice it for 2 weeks and then suddenly its very obvious,htc know this thats why they ignoring us,luckily i bought from amazon and i can return it for an entire month wich is good from amazon and i dont have to deal with htc refund support,do you have the pimax 8kx im thinking getting that one even if it has it it might not be as noticeable as vive pro 2
  12. focus on something mostly at a distance and sligthly move your head,do you see some vertical screen door effect the image looks pixelated for a split second?alot of people might not notice it,i didnt for 2 weeks or my vp2 got faulty after 2 weeks idk.
  13. same when i got my vp2 for 2 weeks it didnt had it at all and now looks so pixelated only with movement,i opened a ticked and they proly want me to send it for repair but they will 99% send it back with the "its fine" code,did you send your vp2 to technical support?are your cables twisted?my cable is a little twisted.
  14. please let us know if the 8kx has it or doesnt so i can start saving up money :)),from what im seeing on forums most lcd hmds have people complaining about this particular issue im not sure if its just the way it should be or idk.
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