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  1. For those following this thread. I added those ports allowing them to be passed without inspection to the GravityZone Firewall module. I still get error Wi-Fi streaming 912 on the one PC I tested. it is weird because I can see the IP address and name of the VBS server clearly. I also tested a Static IP on the PC but if you do that the VBS application gets a loop back IP of . VBS Server application seems to only run with a PC set to DHCP. I will try uninstalling GravityZone from one of the computers and then test to see if I can connect to the VBS server via Wi-Fi over the weekend.
  2. Hi. It is not possible to disable Bitdefender GravityZone endpoint protection on protected device from the web console. The software would have to be deleted from the computer. Given that I setup exceptions in the endpoints policy to allow "RRConsole.exe" and "RRServer.exe" access to the network and function it may be possible that some TCP/IP or UDP ports may be being blocked but I am not seeing that in the GravityZone web console Dashboard. What TCP/IP and or UDP ports or port ranges does the VBS server application use to communicate with the Focus 3 via W-Fi?
  3. Hello. Any update on my issue? Any more information or tests you would like me to try?
  4. Attached is the VBS Console LOG as requested. RRLog_20210715_083307.zip
  5. Hello. Below is the result of the query: versionCode=124 minSdk=25 targetSdk=26 versionName= signatures=PackageSignatures{6fbf63b version:3, signatures:[39d51da3], past signatures:[]} versionCode=124 minSdk=25 targetSdk=26 versionName= signatures=PackageSignatures{ba9bb17 version:0, signatures:[], past signatures:[]} Kindly note that i updated to the latest firmware for the Focus 3. Still cannot stream via Wi-Fi.
  6. The VBS Client application as listed here: https://business.vive.com/appstore/detail/c6f242c8-4408-42b6-bef2-5dfc6c884f18 shows it to be version . In our Focus 3, which was delivered on July 7th, I cannot find the version of the application that is installed in either the "Library" or in Storage". How can I determine application versions in the HMD ?
  7. I am unable to use Vive Business Streaming via the 5GHz Wi-Fi connection. I receive error code #912. USB tethering with an Oculus Link cable works fine. I have tested this on two different computers and on two different 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.As a business we do not use the default Microsoft Firewall application but instead use GravityZone Ultra endpoint protection. I setup exceptions int the endpoint policy to allow "RRConsole.exe" and "RRServer.exe" access to the network and function. Our router router is a Netgear RAX120 router and there is also a Netgear EAX20-100JPS Wi-Fi Access Point. Is an
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