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  1. But they won't see the issue and/or replace the headset. I've sent mine back for nothing.
  2. This forum, the technical team taking care of returns are really not serious.. I just got my headset back I thought of a repair but I got no issues found for the audio buzz and vertical scan lines of the panels.
  3. @new VR tech you should definitely make an english version of your vr channel, I understand only a little german but can really hit much more audience if you do so ! ^^
  4. Don't mind, I've already returned my headset for the same issue and nothing has been done. (also for the vertical scan lines) The support team is just going to tell you to turn it on and off again, to reset the headset and steamvr and then say "strange" (even tho the buzzing noise is a common problem) and telling you to return it. But of course again it's a non fixable issue as for it is for the vertical lines and they will send it back to you... This is a feedback from my experience and unfortunately I'm not the only one in this situation.
  5. Hello, and I hope you all doing well because I'm not. So I sent my htc vive pro 2 back to htc technical team because of the audio buzz and vertical lines issues on the left panel and I got (No issues found nothing has been done to the headset.) I got my reseller to send it to them at first htc said repaired and now when I asked for an intervention plan htc said no repair has been done ? What the hell ?... I've never been so furious. Sorry HTC but this needs to be addressed on youtube. For the lucky who got a perfectly working unit still think about the kind of quality of technical service you gonna get. I'm sorry for me and for all vive pro 2 owners who might have panel issues in the future. The technical team should be ashamed, it seems that they only looked inside the headset quick and say "yup working, next". I'm done. Something really wrong is going on right now... I have no choice but to refund when I'm getting it back.
  6. I contacted HTC for the vertical lines issue (I've sent pictures) they said that this isn't supposed to happen and I need to return it immediately and that's what I did. But seeing feedback from people returning their headset on this forum for the exact same issue and getting back their headset with a label : no faulty hardware /issues found is really frustrating. I just hope it's gonna be a different story for me but still... how is this even possible ? -I see that this very mentioned issue is being ignored on the main vive forum. But having people to say that they don't get a replacement only a refund or just refuse to do anything or telling anything about this issue is just really weird to me. No words on a potential fix ? Why ? No words if it's a hardware issue ? Why ? No words if every headsets has this issue ? Why ? I thought HTC were passionate people and they do amazing stuff but I don't understand why this issue is being ignored so hard and so confusingly. I like the device and I want a this to be with no screen door effect as mentioned... atleast tease us with an update telling that you're working on a fix but still nothing. I still don't know if I'm gonna get a replacement or not (audio buzz issue + faint vertical lines) I know the pressure that you guys can get, but atleast something we can get some hopes on. Cheers.
  7. Thank you for the update, It's always nice to see. I hope some issues we got will get a fix soon. I still support the team despite the issues I got with my hmd.
  8. what the heck ? You had the same issue with the pixel inversion ? That's really scary, I spent a lot of money sending it back lol..... The reasons of my return were the panel vertical lines with head movement (worse on the left side) and audio buzz. Which were yours ?
  9. I would like to know if there are any plans to further develop the spftware which lacks a lot of features at the moment ? Or if it will remain as it is. Just wanna know.
  10. Hotfix ? The only thing which is fixly hot is my forhead when I'm wearing the headset.
  11. I'm still the same person, The website is glitchy and I can't sign in with steam anymore. So I'm returning the headset this thursday, so you'll know what to do, I guess someone has to do it ? I really hope it's not a spread disease tho. I just noticed by closing my right eye that the left panel is worse than the right one and the right panel it's almost invisible.... So .. it really feels like a hardware failure. Dudes it's an 800€ headset. I do support the HTC team, But if I get another broken headset I might just get a refund and not recommending the headset anymore as I'm going to make a youtube video about it when I'll get my hands on the replacement so guys stay tuned ^^ My headset came with twisted cables, I feel like I got a headset which had a previous RMA.... err
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