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  1. How many devices do you want send in from us?? Please give us some clear information whats wrong. So is it a hardware defect or not? We cant just all send our devices back every time!
  2. Hello there,alot off people with the same problem like me did this already(me to) But they dont seem to care,its a big problem on the vive pro 2 units.
  3. I had the hp g2 also,The G2 is just alot sharper and clearer then the vive pro 2.. You cant do nothing about that..
  4. Yea what about those terrible scanlines,please communicate to your customers about this huge prolem on the vive pro 2! We want to know is it hardware or software or firmware?
  5. Yes htc where is the support for your customers!!!
  6. Yes more an more people have this problem,but no response here from htc what so ever...
  7. I am still waiting for a reply from htc here so we know where we up to.... Please its a huge problem! The headset is unusable this way!
  8. Still no fix or update for us for the vertical lines? Even no response from htc about this problem. The headset is unusable this way!More and more people have this problem now! So is it a hardware defect??? Htc please respond to us..
  9. So is htc even monitoring this forum? Its strange they dont even reply or help us with this problem..
  10. There is still no fix for this...never a htc again!
  11. Same problem over here does htc even fix this? Or is it a hardware defect.. When you move your head it looks pixelated with scanlines. Please htc respond,are our devices broken?
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