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  1. It's kind of a cool product, but it's really neutered at the same time. As far as I can tell, the only input it currently accepts is from an Android phone running a specific chipset; there's no hand tracking yet and there doesn't appear to be a button for gaze control on the HMD. That rules out so many potential customers, it seems like a rather ill conceived launch. @HTC: any chance of being able to pair the Flow with Cosmos or Focus controllers in the future? How about supporting SteamVR streaming using Vive Business Streaming? I'd love to pre order one, but I have to be able to do something with it. Convince me, please!
  2. I am so confused by this! Admittedly, I don't have a Quest 2 to compare, but your experience regarding clarity completely differs from mine. With VBS set to quality and 100 mbps, the picture looks great. The only thing holding it back is the inherent limitation of Wifi streaming, so motion clarity isn't as good as a wired connection -- static image quality is at least as good as my Index. If your Quest 2 looks as good as my Focus 3, I would be astonished. I would almost think you might be experiencing some issues with your network, although that would affect your Quest 2 experience negatively as well.
  3. I just bought this and am very happy with it (not affiliated with seller in any way). Specifically made for the Vive Focus 3 and the build quality is solid. https://unboundvr.eu/htc-vive-focus-3-travel-case?sqr=vive focus 3&
  4. Hi, I have two issues using Firefox Reality and am unsure whether it's a browser or an HMD (Vive Focus 3) issue. 1. Many websites aren't accesible due to their security certificate being out of date (which they aren't, because I can access the site using a different browser on any other machine just fine). It gives me the option to ignore the warning, but it won't let me select it and continue. 2. I can't download anything to the HMD such as different backgrounds or browser addons. I feel like the first issue lies with Firefox but the second seems like Firefox doesn't have permission to write to local storage. However, I have found no way to give it permission. Any thoughts?
  5. Agreed. Hopefully they implement gaze control as an alternative to the controllers (using the button on the left side of the HMD, similar to how Index does it). I don't necessarily want to mess with combining Index controllers with the Vive Focus 3, but there are still plenty of games that I would prefer to play seated with a gamepad.
  6. I experienced significant frame loss (VBS Console showed error code 601 "dropped frames"). In headset, the dropped frames were very common (maybe every 5 to 15 seconds or so). I tried various bitrates and quality settings, but to no avail. It feels like there was no smoothing at all during the dropped frame interval and it was very jarring and honestly not suitable for long term use. In between dropped frames, things felt considerably smoother than before though, so if you can somehow manage to achieve this level of performance without the frame dropping issue, that would be really nice. I opted out of the beta for now, and immediately noticed how it felt a bit 'swimmier'. Looking forward to the next update!
  7. I was wondering if any changes are planned on this front? I'd love a more convenient way to pay for titles from the entertainment catalogue (such as Climbey). A seperate category for native Vive Focus 3 apps in VIveport would be amazing.
  8. Cool, hope you enjoy it. 🙂 I have some more suggestions I'm throwing out into the ether, hopefully Vive reconignizes the added value. 7. Allow for navigation using only the button on the left of the HMD using a gaze pointer (similar to Index). Sometimes when seated, the controllers are superfluous and cumbersome. You already built this for the tutorial, why not extend it to include the other menus as well? 8. Make the device mountable in Windows as an external drive to more easily export/import files. 9. Provide some way to charge the battery outside of the headset (external cradle perhaps?) to allow hot swapping of batteries and continous deployment.
  9. Hi, So I've been using my Vive Focus 3 for a few days now and must congratulate the team on some very nice engineering - I really enjoy the build quality and the overall experience. If I may, I would like to make some small quality of life recommendations. 1. Widen the bandwidth of the brightness slider; currently setting it to minimum is maybe a 10% decrease compared to maximum. This should help with battery life and lens artifacts. 2. Allow for adjustment of RGB values, for those who prefer a warmer or cooler display. 3. Provide a low power mode with decreased clock speeds, and reduced fan RPM's. 4. The platform appears to be open to games, maybe make this more apparent to developers; porting Quest games seems to be extremely easy. 5. Provide the option for different face gaskets (narrow, wide, glasses, no glasses, PU leather, antibacterial cloth). 6. Allow for y-split controller charging when the headset is turned off and the battery is connected to the mains. Thanks again for making a really nice headset and I hope to see the platform grow; the hardware deserves widespread adoption.
  10. Figured it out after many hours of troubleshooting. It appears the issue of not being able to access the store (or my profile) is completely unrelated to my network. Instead, the issue stems from not having selected the correct timezone/region. I changed it to a different one and suddenly everything worked.
  11. Hi, Just got my Focus 3 today and I'm having some trouble with the Wifi connection. Whenever I try to access the store or my profile, it tells me there's no connection available and I need to set up Wifi. When I do so, it tells me that I'm "connected, but no internet available". Which is very odd, because I can access the web through the Firefox browser. When I test the connection using speedtest.net, I get my ISP's maximum and a very low ping. It doesn't work flawlessly though, because certain sites are blocked and even though I can load Youtube, I can't watch any of the video's. I thought it was my router, but when I connect to it using my phone, it works perfectly. Any thoughts? And is it safe to reset the device to its factory default? Thanks in advance. Regards, AJ
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