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  1. I'm 100% convinced your camera is broken from the repair. When they repaired mine 2 weeks ago, they ditched/broke the tracking sensors of the HMD after repair, I tested everything and I have 2 computers and a vive for cross testing... At least my failure is more obvious but yeah I had to return the headset a 3rd time(actually yesterday), I can objectively say that the repair team at CTDI for HTC has issues doing their jobs properly, it's not an insult by any means just a clear and straight fact, not even an opinion just look at your own case. They don't seem to do any tests at all or they are really slovenly doing it, it's not serious and really disrespectful at this point. They don't encounter the possibility of someone from far away having to return the headset and the money for shipping it costs for that, at least, please tell the repair to do some effort and deeply test every features of the headset, I can understand that they skipped the camera test, but the tracking test ? How can you even miss this ? @C.T. I would like help from you too, but seems like when someone is exposing the truth he's just going to be ignored. Happy that the team is helping you bud, I asked for my retailer to replace it with another brand new one HTC would now deal with my retailer, I'm tired and all of this should have never happened. Have a good day. H.M (RE)
  2. Ok I got my headset back and you guys are not ready to hear what I'm gonna say unfortunately. 2nd time the headset has been repaired but...(first time no issues found) 2First of all they f***ed up the tracking of the headset, it just won't track anymore and when it does it will jitter a lot and I will fall under the ground and my controllers won't track properly... Because the controllers mainly use the headset for tracking.No worries I tried all and my old vive is tracking fine... so yeah they did partly fix the vertical lines issue, it's almost to a point that it doesn't bother me anymore but still there and the static noise is gone aswell.But now I'm with a headset that won't track so I have a completely unusable headset...At this point it's disrespectful, at the repair center CTDI they won't test the headset after the repair which is absolutely crazy..... guys, just think about it, they just replaced everything without even a check. I have to spend 39€45 for the third time returning the headset again.... Guys honestly if you have a headset already and you're struggling with the pro 2 I would suggest you to sell it if it still works or if you can ask for a return/refund with your retailer and getting something smarter.. I feel dumb at this point, I trusted a little too much and that's what I got.HTC has for me become the worst VR company in the world.Good luck guys. here's a look at CTDI's repair, the description of the issue doesn't make any sense and they just replaced everything inside the headset... Also yeah, they DID NOT test the headset before returning, how worse could that be ? Really, I mean you get it, it's going way too far, something has to be done. I understand that some of you are not dealing with these issues and well you might have been lucky, but think, you paid a lot for the headset, just imagine how it would feel if you have this kind of experience, that could be you right now or in the future..
  3. I had to send the headset twice to get a repair for the vertical lines and static audio issue. The vertical lines are muffled but still there and the static audio is gone... But now my headset has serious issues tracking. It's ridiculous.
  4. Well I was pretty much convinced it was my headset too and ready to rma it out of warranty. It's just that It's too similar to the issue I had, and I had both the cosmos and the vive when it happened and it only happened to the og vive, it was random from 1sec black screen to 10s. So extremely annoying ! If I were you I would grab a spare hard drive or ssd and do a fresh install of windows so you can still keep your old one in case that doesn't work.. It's always better than waiting I guess, tell me how it goes for you !
  5. Hello AT. Just to clarify, did you have vertical lines with head movements too ? Or only what you mentioned on the topic ? Also, I had the same issues with my htc vive og going full black out of the blue, thought the headset was the issues but the problem came out to be my computer, I tried it on another one and it worked perfectly so I did a full reinstall of windows and it worked again... I have no idea why. I don't know if you already tried this but give it a try maybe with a spare hdd/ssd to see ^^
  6. I'm frankly really scared about my purchase. I had to send it twice also but not for the same issues. I looked at your repair reports and it very looks like mine... lol Like no joke, what the hell is that ? The "faults added by client" is nonsense, definitely not how I described the failure and I guess it's the same for you. My issues were tiny vertical scan lines with head movement and audio buzz. This is the second RMA because the first one was (No fault found)... It was really fast for me too, As they received the headset they sent it back with all of these components replaced ? I'm scared that they didn't test the headset afterwards... As I live very far away from the repair center I have to send it to the retailer first and then they are sending it back to HTC. So transporting is long and also expensive, I have to spend 39€45 each time I'm returning the headset, no need to tell you how furious I was the first time I sent the headset.... I personally don't know what's gonna happen for me with this "repaired" headset, I might as well be in the same situation or maybe not. I'm kinda scared of the company TBH. It seems like they do "generic" repair and super quickly like machines and I really feel like there's no humanity behind all of this and some kind of sense. It's really hard to explain. I'll keep you in touch. I'm really feeling sad for your situation, I just hope you wouldn't have to return it again.
  7. Hello @C.T. My headset has been returned for a second time for the vertical scan lines with head movement issue and the static noise from the headphones as the repair team kindly told me it will be repaired this time. I would like to have some updates on this when it arrives to you please : Repair ticket number: 321398250000016
  8. Hello @Jaw_B, please pay close attention to the forum. Here's your answer : Return it.
  9. Happy that you had a good experience. WIsh I could have said the same. I'm waiting for mine with the vertical scanlines with movement and static audio to be repaired... I also did return the headset twice. The german youtuber had his unit repaired but not me.
  10. I'm gonna return it tomorrow. Keep in mind that I need to send it back to my reseller which is another country and they have to send it back to htc again. It's gonna easily be a 1 to 2 months long period. I sent it back at june but none of the issues were noticed and/or repaired... I really hope with all the informations I gave to them that my headset would really be repaired this time. Same issue as Marco in new vr tech which got his headset repaired : vertical scanlines with head movements and audio buzz issue. He told that a lot of part were replaced. I also have to pay 39€45 each time I'm sending the headset... not a funny expericence tbh. I hope having some hope left in the future. I just a working headset.
  11. Yes and immediately. Look at this from a german youtuber I talked to : got his vive pro 2 repaired for both the audio buzz and scanlines issue. Crazy to know that I also returned the headset for the same issue and they didn't repair. I'm sending it for the second time, if they don't do anything for a second time I'll make sure a lot of people will be aware of the service. I think my job here is partly done. Thanks to you New VR Tech. Atleast now it's more clear. The repair team is broken, for that you would need to push things hard with htc to get things done properly.
  12. But I'm happy they fixed it for you. I'm jyst wondering why mine hasn't been. Really curious to see how you managed to explain them the issue because i tried hard to do it.
  13. So they just didnt repair my headset....
  14. I hope very soon, can't wait !! I will finaly know if I should rma the headset again, because yes I returned the headset but had it back with no issues found, I would be super mad if I have confirmation that it's an issue only on some headsets
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