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  1. not yet, It takes time, my headset isn't even arrived at the reseller.
  2. aw man this is horrible, did you send it directly to htc themselves ? I'm personally sending it back to the reseller and they are going to deal with htc, I'm really curious to see how that will turn out. I really don't get it, mine is only on the left side which absolutely means theres an issue with the panel if not what is it ? The only thing to hope on if every headset is the same is to wait until a column correction releases. But even that, the audio buzz is atrocious. I just hope getting atleast a new unit to try out but better having them testing the replacement befo
  3. I'm returning the headset this morning, I'll be the only one who will know for sure if it was a hardware issue or not. I have perfect vision so this kind of artifact are really noticeable to me. Just stay tuned to the topic. (Returning wil cost me money because I live on an island(french department) and need to send it back to France) 😕 If I'm getting a replacement and still having the same issue I'll make a video about it, If it doesn't I would still make a video about it. In both cases it sucks. I'll keep you guys in touch.
  4. @dburne don't you notice any pixel inversion ? I thought that some people cound't see it but now I know some people have good units cause I have them really pronounced on the left panel. On the right it's actually all right, If it was the same on the left I would just keep the headset.
  5. @Raging Beard How did you not get a replacement ? That's crazy... Did you send it back for them to tell you that ?
  6. @John2910 So it happened since the last firmware update ? I can't tell cause I got the headset very recently, 12th of this month. Maybe a future firmware will fix it as it did for the valve index but I frankly doubt it because it seems like the devs are done on this headset... No updates on soft/firm since june 23th. I noticed recently that It's more pronounced of the left panel which can't be a firware or software issue. I just prepared the vive to be shipped back to the ressellers to deal with htc if it still has the same issue with another unit I mean......... I
  7. I know I would probably not get any answer as I tried my best. But this needs to be addressed in some way so people are aware. Having a vive pro 2 if you think it has issues is really frustrating to deal with, not that the customer service is bad but just confusing. I told them the issue I was having with the head movement at first I got all the bunch of turn off and turn back on the link box, look if you have the last firmware/software update... wow.. ok I understand the procedure but I had to explain really in detail so they could understand that I've already tried everything having two
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