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  1. This also fixed my stuttering problem with Pro 2; thanks! However: hardware accelerated gpu scheduling is supposed to be a performance-enhancing (relatively new) option. The original Vive worked with that on, so does the HP Reverb G2. Therefore, it is clear that this is a Pro 2 issue that needs to be fixed by HTC!
  2. Here's my experience with this headset so far: Multi-monitor support is limited I have two of my monitors on the nVidia GPU, and one is on the built-in Intel GPU. I can use all three and the Pro2. Binocular Overlap I am not sure if my issue is related to this, but I cannot seem to get both eyes seeing sharp as I move the IPD adjustment. Static Noise in the speakers I have this, and HTC support said that it is acknowledged by them. Jittering / stuttering This is the main issue with this headset, as it essentially makes this expensive hardware unusable! If HTC cannot fix this in a reasonable amount of time, they should accept a return and issue a full refund. I've found out a workaround that works in a select subset of applications: Minimize the 3D app's window (easiest way: Win+D). If it's full-screen, Alt+Enter to switch it to windowed, and then minimize it. The problem is that, many games pause automatically upon detecting losing the window focus, and therefore, this workaround cannot be used in many games. HTC support They seem to play the game of sending canned responses, and pointing their fingers to the users, instead of acknowledging these issues that can be found to be reported by multiple users online and work on fixing them ASAP (at least for the stutter), which is very disappointing. Question: Have you had another (HTC?) headset before the Pro2? If so, have you tried wiping Steam VR settings/drivers and reinstalling all USB drivers?
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