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  1. This behavior is called "god-rays". This is a physical limitation of the used fresnel-lenses. The advantage of using fresnel lenses is, it's possible to create lenses with flat design and it's cheaper to make and lighter in weight, than traditional "glas" made lenses or clean lenses. The disadvantage is unfortunately that less clarity and the God-Rays in dark situation, with white parts.
  2. I have the buzzing noise, since day one also. I've also noticed, when LCD screens are off and using it as a regular sound device in Windows, there is no buzzing sound at all. So I think, it's an interference of the LCD. Further, the pitch of the noise changes, when you switch the video quality from 90 Hz to 120 Hz. With 120 Hz refresh rate, the buzzing sound pitch is higher. Maybe an hardware issue, with a bad hardware design of electronic isolation. But let's await official response of HTC, after they investigated on this in more detail. Hopefully, this can be fixed with an Firmware update 🙂 Let's see
  3. I've pre-ordered mine on the 17th June. But till today, I still not received any shipping confirmation to ship to Germany 😭 Hope it will be shipped soon, as I can still buy it in the local stores and I also don't understand then the advantage of pre-ordering it, when I'm not in the first row of customers, who can get them
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