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  1. Normally I would say I cannot believe the audacity of returning a broken device to a consumer, willfully, Knowing damn well that this buzzing is unacceptable.... All they had to do was swap out your unit with a unit that didn't buzz. Some people genuinely don't notice it or don't care. You obviously cared enough, as did I, to return it and that is how they treat you? Unbelievable, but these days I'll believe it. Just earlier today I returned mine straight back to Newegg. No restocking fee. Free return label. It sucks though because I'm based in the USA and was able to get this at 730 dollars no tax. I was planning on buying it again once the manufacturing line matured, but if they're just moving forward with this flaw then it is probably a deal breaker for me. I guess we will see. I'm not holding my breath. Valve index controllers might have fixed the no click issue on the analog sticks, but even they never fixed the sensor that causes eventual drift on pretty much every unit sold. Who knows these days.
  2. Easy enough to turn the thing off, but I forget little stuff like that because I've never needed to do it before. I can EASILY see myself forgetting to do this over and over. My PC will go to sleep or I will turn it off and the link box will still be on. I have done this maybe 10 or more times already (crappy ADD memory) and there has been zero damage. But maybe it will in the future? Maybe it will be temp like we've seen or maybe permanent? People act like its an edge case, but when combined with the headphone buzz (that appears to be unfixable according to support) this is enough to tip me over the "RETURN IT" cliff. I will buy again when the manufacturing line has matured. Vive port will probably improve too.
  3. OP, when people say standby, do you mean the Linkbox, your PC, and Steam are all on and the HMD is "Standing by" OR Are people saying that the link box is on while PC is off? OR Maybe Link box on and PC on but SteamVR is NOT on Sucks trying to keep up with how to keep this unit working or from eating itself.
  4. Great test. As far as I'm concerned, this concludes The research for me. I think we all suspected it was electrical interference stemming from the display but this is conclusive enough for me. There's a small chance this can be fixed with firmware, but I'm not holding out much hope for that. My window for return is closing so I'll have to go ahead and return for now. I really enjoyed while I had it and will probably pick it up again when they fix this issue and some of the software stuff (refresh rate selector and resolution slider... I'm looking squarely at you! I wouldn't mind better motion smoothing, brightness controls and less ghosting when reprojecting, but we'll see.
  5. They gate posting by time? Just after a product launch? huh. Wouldn't have been my first choice. And yep, u r right. Apparently even when this thing is untethered (wireless solution), it makes no difference. Wowza. I'll hold onto the VP2 a while longer but that return window is closing and I will not miss it if this isn't answered.
  6. When there is little ambient sound, the Vive Pro 2 headphones make a noticeable humming or buzz sound. Every major review has mentioned this but I've not seen any kind of response from HTC. Is this something they are aware of? Can this be fixed or is this going to be a return and waiting till the product line to mature? I, along with most others, have tried every USB port as well as beta-vive console and SteamVR. This does not occur with any of my previous headsets or my OG Vive + DAS.
  7. Any word from HTC on that buzzing headphone sound? It seems like just about everyone is having that issue and I've seen no official response.
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