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  1. Hi i have a bit of update! Having talked with the company i ordered the set from, i got a new cable, and it has indeed become much better then the first, first cable would simply not work at all. However i still need to somewhat tie up even the new cable for it to work, to be more exact if i am holding the cable it works almost perfect vision wise or if i let it rest against the body. I know this sounds wierd and it is wierd trying to play as that too. I think you might have some rights about the back-facing hits though as i thought it worked a bit better having covered up surfa
  2. Hey, i actually now know what the issue is after some more testing, the reason is the cable between linkbox and the headset which is at fault cause as soon i started to tie it together a bit i suddenly had clear view constant until i loosened the cable. So in terms of solving it for anyone else that will have this issue finding this is to try tie the cable together a bit, and see if you have a faulty cable, by estimate of mine test atleast it is not the connectors at end that is at issue rather the length of the cable or if it's just faulty by default, i tied it up so atleast now it does no
  3. Hi! I have recently purchased a htc vive pro 2, which i have had issues with from start, Basically what is happening is that when it starts (sometimes and i have laying beside) it will render inside the eyes of the headset and i will see steam home, but as soon i take it on it goes white screen (not being tracked) and it will start to blink saying it's not close enough to tracker, however i tried taking em down from wallmounts aswell as on wallmounts having it up closeby to them does not help a single bit. I first tested it with my 1.0 equipment from previous htc vive(Orig
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