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  1. Yeah its not a hardship at all, more of just something that I never thought to do. And thus I thought I'd share my experience to try and help others Don't think it was sun damage as hang it under my PC desk Can't even be sure it was anything to do with the link box. But thanks, hopefully won't happen again
  2. Good for you But I've owned 5 different VR headsets and this is the first one I've ever had to manually power off. Including the original vive pro Do you also physically turn off your monitor everytime? TV? Or do you leave them on standby like everyone else
  3. Well speaking for myself I mean when not using steam VR your headset goes into standby. Even when your pc is turned off it stays like this. You must manually turn off your link box by pressing the button
  4. I've been leaving my link box on all the time, why wouldn't you? But I saw some people on the forum having problems when leaving it on. I just returned from 3days away with it left on stby and not being used at all, to find 2 big purple blobs in my right lens. I thought the panel must busted and was expecting I would have to return it, but after switching off the link box for a few hours its back to normal Sorry pic is not the best, but was hard to get a clear pic
  5. Yes please HTC! This is obviously the most requested feature
  6. Yes please please please implement support for steam vr motion smoothing And also please make the reported resolution in steam vr match what is actually being displayed. Doesn't seem to make sense
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