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  1. Hi, I want to use position data of the center of pupil and I found that there're two options to get pupil position from SRanipal SDK. However, each function returns different values; the value from GetPupilPosition function ranges -1 to 1, and from pupil_position_in_sensor_area ranges to 0 to 1. Is there any difference between two functions? or just because of the criterion for normalization? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I'm a Vive pro eye user. I installed vive_sranipallinstaller_1.3.2.0.msi in laptop to use eye tracking. I ran steam vr and saw windows UAC pop up for SRanipal runtime, and doesn't work at all. I tested it on Another PC where SRanipal runtime works perfectly, and it shows the notification "runtime is running in the system tray". but in laptop doesn't show this notification. also, I can't find the icon on the system tray. I opened it manually running as administrator, but it didn't work either. Is there any workaround here...? please help me...
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