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  1. My requirement is that when users use HTC Vive Pro Eye to watch panoramic videos, I record the time stamp, video playback time, and eyeball position data. The official SRanipal SDK C source code solved most of my problems. But I don’t know how to record the playbacktime of video when the user watches the video. In addition, there is a structure about eyeball information in the C source code, in which I am very curious about timestamp which indicates the time when the frame was capturing in millisecond // The code is in SRanipal_EyeData_v1.h which is offically provided. namespace ViveSR { namespace anipal { /** * Eye module */ namespace Eye { /** @struct EyeData * A struct containing all data listed below. */ struct EyeData { bool no_user; int frame_sequence;/*!<The frame sequence.*/ int timestamp;/*!<The time when the frame was capturing. in millisecond.*/ VerboseData verbose_data; }; } } }
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