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  1. I would like to inform anyone that is interested that I was able to resolve the problem I was having with the framerate fluctuations. After lots of troubleshooting with HTC tech support, and asking questions on various forums throughout the internet I was unable to find the root cause of this problem. However, I had one last chance to solve this problem. The Nuclear Option: Re-Installing Windows. For whatever reason this was able to resolve my issues with frame times, now all the games I have tried have stable framerates when using the wireless adapter.
  2. My Specs: Ryzen 9 3900x RTX 3900 32GB of ram Cosmos Elite Headset I don't think its a CPU bottleneck because the usage doesn't even seem to rise above 30% when the games are running. As for heat, I would think that it would require some time before it starts to show issues. In my case the effect is immediate. The wireless app always shows full strong connection, but I could try to find a higher vantage point for the antenna. The frame timing issues also only seem to happen in certain games as well. Two games that have this issue is Paper beast and Maskmaker. Alyx and Steam Home don't seem to have any issues as far as I can tell. I have pictures of the timing graphs comparing the wired and wireless performance. The other picture is the wireless performance at 4% SS.
  3. Well, is it new or is it old? Either way I don't believe that there's no solution because there are plenty of people out there using it without the same problems I am having.
  4. I am also getting wildly fluctuating frame times in certain games, which does not happen with a wired connection
  5. I have a Vive Wireless adapter for my cosmos, and the resolution in SteamVR shows 1700x2008 when it is set to 100% ss. When I use the headset in wired mode it shows a resolution of 2880x3400 at 100% ss I can crank up the ss while using wireless to match the wired values, and it seems to work fine. I just want to know if that is the expected behavior for the wireless adapter
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