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  1. More just an update on the line situation for me... It's definitely better when I don't use it for awhile (I had to work this weekend and my vive is now configured for wireless so it had 2 days of not being used). But being hypercritical, I still notice lines on the lower half of the display (but the color issue is less noticeable) and if I look all the way at the bottom of the field of view I can see the green / pink colors lurking there. Honestly it has made me wonder if I just didn't notice it when I first turned it on because it's pretty subtle (and I'm coming from an OG vive, so overall this is a massive leap in quality for me so I was primed to miss that kind of thing). I've already started the replacement process and in the mean time hoping to see if someone has a solution, but I haven't seen it yet and haven't heard anything new from HTC (although they've tried to help). Seems more and more like a QC issue since it doesn't seem widespread (although not uncommon either from my casual survey of various places).
  2. Ah I would have just edited post if I could...spent the last hour with chat trying a few things so I figured I'd document what hasn't worked for me so far. 1) changed display port 2) changed USB port. 3) Rolled back Nvidia graphics driver to 4) Reset USB in Vive Console 5) Reset USB in Steam Console 6) Confirmed accelerated GPU scheduling was off 7) unplugged and replugged the headset into linkbox 8 unplugged and replugged linkbox from PC. === I will say resetting the USB has made it better, but if it goes to a gray screen it's still noticeable. although as others have mentioned (as far as I can tell mostly on reddit), it sometimes comes back. So I guess we'll see tomorrow. I'll have my wireless kit then too and see if it replicates there, i've read it may "fix" it. Photo was from before fixes.
  3. Yeah I opened a ticket, my limited testing so far I fully unplugged everything for a bit since the HMD / link box for a bit (10ish minutes) and it got "better" (the area closer to the middle of the visual field was less pronounced but the edges it's still noticeable).
  4. Second day using it, I'm also having these lines appear out of no where on the bottom half as well. I haven't actually seen a reason for the issue and iwhile it's reassuring that other people have had it and it self resolves. it would be nice to know if this is a hardware problem or not.
  5. Just posting to add my limited experience with this issue too. I have a 2080Ti, two of my monitors are plugged in via HDMI (2x 1920x1080 60hz) and one via DP (3440x1440 144hz). I should add that I do have the vive wireless adapter connected to the computer, but it's not on the VP2 yet (forgot an accessory). I also have a elgato capture card plugged in too but none of the monitors are connected to it at the moment. At high, it runs fine. At ultra, it gives me the maximum number of monitors error. Which was expected. However when I unplug one of the HDMI monitors it still doesn't work. I have to unplug both of my HDMI monitors for it to not have the error. I've also tried dropping the refresh rate which didn't make a difference. It's inconvenient to say the least, but also not what I was expecting if the other post is accurate that it should at least be able to tolerate two monitors. That said, my long term intention is to get the wireless working on this, but I'm curious if I'll run into similar issues.
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