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  1. Hello all, I am trying to develop a simple application that requires users to lay backwards on a bed. I have a working version of the application made in Unity with the SteamVR SDK. However, users report some fear when laying backwards, as they cannot see the bed that they are sitting on. I have an HTC Vive Pro with the two forward cameras. I can enter "Room Mode" while testing my application and have video from the space around me as well as see parts of my application. Linked is an example of what I mean. I am wondering if I can selectively modify the opacity of game objects when viewed in the "Room Mode"- essentially allowing users to have the front cameras show them what's in the room but also have a clear 3D object visible in the room as well. I have tried poking around with SRWorks, but I do not think I need all of the tools that SRWorks offers and it has been a bit of a headache to figure it out because I am not an admin on the PC that I am using and need to go through another individual to have programs installed on the PC. But if SRWorks is the best way to proceed in this case I can give it another go. Anyways, please let me know if there is a solution to this problem which I am having, or if I can provide additional clarification. Best, vczerwinski
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