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  1. The other reddit poster has confirmed, it's another z390 motherboard. @C.T.can you find out how many reports of "black screens" you've had for Vive Console software users... see how many of those are z390 motherboards. I think there is an issue with the Vive Console software and z390 motherboards, as this isn't just the Vive Pro 2 now, it's Vive Cosmos Elite and anything that uses Vive Console...it's actually the software compatability with z390 motherboards. When you turn the PC on from a cold boot, go into VR and 10 minutes into the session the screen goes black for 1 second. Sometimes it can black screen and never recover, which means restarting the whole thing again. If you keep the PC turned on, leave SteamVR and go back into VR, no black screen. If you cold boot the PC (leave it off about 5 minutes) then turn it back on, go into VR and you will get a black screen.
  2. There is a 3rd guy posting on reddit with the exact same issue he is getting for over 7 months on his Vive Cosmos. Black screen 10 minutes into the VR session, just like us. We're not alone, as I stated I wonder how many others get this 1 second black screen, but think it's normal and just never post about it. It only does it after a PC cold boot. I don't know what motherboard he has, waiting for him to reply. My Vive Pro 2 cameras aren't working in SteamVR since repair anyway, plus with black screens, HTC have offered a replacement. This will be 3rd time I'm sending the Vive Pro 2 back. 1st repair completely broken display not switching on. 2nd repair was much better with most issues fixed as per OP. 3rd is to get it replaced. When it works, it's great.
  3. How do you mean with "standby mode" and "valid tracking status"? I turn on the link box, Vive Console opens up and SteamVR auto opens up. I put on the HMD. The room view option at the bottom of SteamVR is greyed out and the Start Test option in Settings > Camera > this fails to communicate. It is doing this on 2 different PCs with and without BETA. With 2 sets of basestations. Before the RMA, the camera worked without an issue. SteamVR - Eye icon at the bottom right which is greyed out, indicating that room view is not available.
  4. Yes perfect tracking. Never had issues with tracking on the OG Vive or the Vive Pro 2. I have 4 basestations. 2 in my room, 2 in another room. Same issue on 2 PC's and 2 different sets of basestations. The camera communication happens on both PCs, as stated, the other PC never used VR on it before. I only did it to test the black screens I'm getting. Then I tested the camera on both PC's, same error.
  5. Same with Pimax 8K and Vive Pro 2, this is a limitation for all graphics cards. The limitation is 2 monitors + 1 VR headset. It will state maximum displays if you have 3 monitors + 1 VR headset. I use WIN + P to either go to PC screen only or right click desktop, display settings and select monitor 3 and disconnect it. That's the problem with high resolution VR now. If you're in High resolution, just like wireless, it's not a problem. 3 monitprs + high resolution VR (not 5K).
  6. @C.T. anymore ideas about the cameras not working in SteamVR? They worked before the RMA. As you can see above, the drivers must be working as 3rd party software can use them. I get this on 2 different PC's. My Wife's PC never had VR installed before, so it's a clean/fresh install of SteamVR, Vive Console and the USB drivers.
  7. Glad it's not just me. Lone Echo 2... Ultra 5K at 90Hz = 45 FPS Extreme 5K at 120Hz = 60 FPS Sure is acting weird in the Vive Pro 2 with this game. I've also had the game majorly lag out and crash on me. i9-9900K with RTX 3080Ti I lowered game settings down to medium and 140% SS. Turned off AA in game etc. The game also has bugs like textures not loading in properly. The very 1st go on the game, audio wasn't sync'd to when the mouth was moving, it would always cut audio off on the last word of every sentence. A restart fixed that audio / lip sync bug.
  8. @C.T. These random black screens... This problem only occurs when the PC or Link Box has been powered off for about 15 minutes, then turn it back on. 10 minutes into the VR session, there is a black screen for 1 second. The display returns as normal and is absolutely fine for many hours after that. Anyone else reporting black screen with the Intel Z390 motherboards (tested on old and newest BIOS)? There is another guy on Reddit and myself both with the exact same issue. We have both been testing everything possible. • Different USB ports • Powered USB hub • Reinstalling USB drivers • SteamVR & Vive Console BETA • 2 different graphics cards GTX 1080Ti and RTX 3080 Ti with drivers clean install • Wired connection and HTC Wireless connection. Black screen issues whilst on HTC Wireless, with the link box not even plugged into my PC. • Clean install of Windows 10 on a spare SSD • USB power management settings in Device Manager • All USB devices removed, apart from keyboard/mouse/link box • Unplugged 2 monitors, so it's just 1 monitor and the Vive Pro 2 • Turned off CPU and GPU overclocks • GPU Performance mode on/off Submitted many Vive Console and Steam log reports. Trying so many things to try and figure this out. Such a strange issue.
  9. Nope. Black screen again 10 minutes into VR session. I've got nothing more to test or even think of. I have tested litereally everything. It's weird because for some time I had no black screen. I THINK it's happening after a cold boot. When PC is off, basestations and link box are all turned off. I am defeated with all of this testing.
  10. I have a powered USB hub too. Not tried that, but I think I've finally sussed this. Hardware: Specific USB port on my motherboard helped. https://forum.vive.com/topic/10068-vive-pro-2-black-screen-ghost-images-audio-buzzing-on-both-wired-wireless/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-42826 Software: fpsVR overlay which autostarted in each VR session. https://steamcommunity.com/app/908520/discussions/0/3112530528187388049/ Apps that I use in VR...
  11. Nooooooooo! I just got black screen. Exactly 10 minutes into the VR session. PC was off for an hour, turned it back on. Went into VR for 10 minutes. Black screen again. I've tested so much and I have no idea what is causing this on my PC hardware.
  12. I think finally, after 2 months of owning this Vive Pro 2 since release, I found the fix! No more black screens! I tried many USB ports, 2 different graphics cards and uninstalling lots of software, trying SteamVR & Vive Console BETA, reinstalling USB drivers, Nvidia drivers etc. I ran out of ideas, so I after 1 month I decided enough issues with this headset (see photos on the OP), I decided to RMA the Vive Pro 2 back to HTC in Romania. My 1st RMA needed to be done, as I wasn't just getting black screens, but getting bad graphical glitches and audio buzzing from both headphones. HTC repair technicians confirmed they got the same too and replaced some parts. I got it back, but no display at all. The 2nd RMA because the display wasn't coming on at all and error code 200. So after 1 month without my VR headset, I got it back with nearly ALL my problems fixed, but I still had the black screens in every VR session. My final tests to eliminate all problems with this Vive Pro 2 headset... My Wife has a PC with a RTX 3080 and I tried it for a few hours in multiple VR sessions. No black screen. This proves the VR headset is working fine. On my PC and the really strange issue is, I would get a black screen for just 1 second and normally about 10 minutes into every VR session. After that 1 second black screen, I was absolutely fine for many hours of VR. I even tried playing with power management for the USB devices, that didn't fix it. Now knowing the Vive Pro 2 is working, it obviously pointed at my PC. Is it hardware or software?? I have some spare SSD's due to my line of work, already with a clean Windows 10 install. I downloaded SteamVR, Vive Console and Nvidia Geforce with the latest driver. I was still getting the black screen, so this means it isn't software, it's definitely hardware. The final test, unplug all of my USB devices, but keep my keyboard, mouse, VR link box and USB headphones plugged in. I moved the link box from the front USB ports to the back, this time moving them around trying different ones. I already did this and tested different USB ports before...I had to use this specific USB port. Obviously I hadn't tried them all... This is the USB port I'm specifically using on my ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING motherboard... I have spent maybe 3 hours in VR and no black screen with 3 different VR sessions.
  13. I did that. I also tested this headset on my Wife's PC, it has never had VR installed before. It was a fresh install, same issue on there. The passthrough camera doesn't work on her PC either in SteamVR. The cameras work just fine when using 3rd party software...
  14. How do I get my cameras working again? I'm opted into SteamVR beta and Vive Console beta. The error I get is "camera communication failed" in SteamVR.I can use a 3rd party software like Yawcam and the cameras are working just fine in that. That proves it's not a hardware issue. SteamVR start test with the camera produces this error. I had this when I 1st had the VIve Pro 2 on release, but that was because it hadn't been implemented and I had to sign into SteamVR BETA. This Vive Pro 2 was working before with the pass-through cameras, but it has been RMA'd twice. Thank you.
  15. Mostly horizontal black scanlines were obvious in 1 lens. The vertical scan lines when moving head was only present one time, but mostly was fine. All issues raised in the OP and with photos. I am really not going to reinstall my whole PC in the hope it fixes random black screens, which last for 1 second and back again. My OG Vive never black screened, it's the Vive Pro 2 only that is doing it.
  16. At 09:22 black screen for 1 second and recovered. I have been in VR for 30 minutes. Not submitting reports everytime anymore. I've sent enough.
  17. At 19:52 another black screen for 1 second, but then recovered. I was in VR about 30 minutes. Submitted Vive Console and SteamVR reports
  18. Another black screen just occurred. Vive Console report has been sent. 14:02 another black screen whilst in VR. Only lasted 1 second and recovered right away. I was in VR maybe 10 minutes. Moving my head, the HMD didn't go to sleep. Black screen happened whilst turning my head. SteamVR report also sent to support.
  19. @C.T. how do I get my cameras working again? I'm opted into SteamVR beta and Vive Console beta. The error I get is "camera communication failed" in SteamVR. I can use a 3rd party software like Yawcam and the cameras are working just fine in that.
  20. They fixed nearly all issues. The problem is, how I had so many issues with it. I made an entire list of all the things I experienced with it and photos of it on the 1st page of this thread. Receiving it on launch day, so many issues and should never have left the factory. Way too many things to be wrong with it and feels like it didn't go through any Quality Control process at all. The 1st RMA when returned to me made it worse with no display at all now. That shows no testing was done, for it to become worse than what I originally had. Black screen was so obvious the moment it was plugged in. They confirmed same when they received it back from me. 2nd RMA when returned to me seemed to have made everything better. I do encounter black screens, still testing it, but nowhere near as bad as I used to have it. So they've fixed all but 1 issue. My OG Vive has no problems, it is this headset. I've done at least Vive Console reports and SteamVR reports. Submitted it all and provided time of when black screens occur. I'm about 95% happy with it, just the black screens can catch me out when I've started in VR and lose display. There will be no 3rd RMA for a repair. If after my further testing proves it is still a big issue with black screens, the only option is for a replacement. I've gone through extensive testing.
  21. @C.T. Hello, I believe I figured out the issue. When I received the Vive Pro 2 back after the 1st RMA, the screen had no display and I was constantly getting error 200. So I did all the reports, tested all my hardware, tested all my software, uninstalling and reinstalling everything again. After doing all that I sent the Vive Pro 2 back for a repair, they agreed the display was broken and had to be fixed again. I got it back recently after the 2nd RMA, everything was much better. I noticed 2 times where the screen would go black. I believe I have found the issue. When I am in VR, SteamVR was a FRESH install because of the 1st RMA. This means it reset all my settings. So by default the VR HMD would go to sleep if it doesn't move for a minute. When I work in VR, I keep my head still and looking at one of my monitors in VR. So after 1 minute, if I don't move my head at all, the screen was going to sleep. This shouldn't be a problem, but it is. My Vive Pro 2 doesn't wake up again when I move my head. I can hear the sounds in my Vive Pro 2, but the display stays off. Maybe this can be a software/firmware fix? I can change this setting to 5 minutes or I can edit the .ini file and change it to never go to sleep. I am still testing this, but I think this is the problem where the screen goes back, even if I am in VR and naturally keeping my head very still. I will keep testing this, as it has only done it a couple of times. Then I remembered, this is a fresh SteamVR install, so I had to change these settings again. **EDIT - STILL HAPPENING 😞 My screen just went black again at 12.30pm. Submitted another Vive Console report. I thought this was going to fix it, but when I sent the email to support... I sitll got a black screen for 1 second, which then recovered. I have no idea why these black screens keep happening. Sometimes, before the repair, it would just not recover at all. The black screen happens and the only way to fix it was to restart my HMD in SteamVR...
  22. • Display works with no more error 200 and turns on. • No more audio buzzing • No more visual glitches like black lines or green/red lines --------------------- Black screen after a couple of minutes in every VR session. It's still happening. I'm in High setting using the wired connection. A black screen will occur, but it's not recovering. I have to then click on steam HMD and restart the headset to fix it. This is one of the original issues I pointed out in my ticket and in the letter I put with the Vive Pro 2. If they plug this in for a few minutes, they would have got the same issue. I produced many Vive Console and Steam reports before sending the Vive Pro 2 off twice. What do we do now?
  23. @C.T. I just wanted to inform you that I have received my Vive Pro 2, with link box and long cable. I plugged it into my PC and it's working right away. No more error 200 and the display has turned on. I have noticed the audio buzzing is also gone in both headphones. Thank you for fixing this. After 1 month and 2 RMA's, I am glad to say it is now fixed. I appreciate the support and communication. I hope for future HTC releases, the devices are thoroughly tested and released without hardware bugs/software issues. You can understand from a customer perspective and spending a lot of money, you would hope it works without having to send the device back 2 times. Thank you once again. Ticket can now be closed. It feels strange being in VR again after 1 month.
  24. Yes I have the UPS tracking, it says it will be here tomorrow. Thank you. Remember when you said it should be fixed on the 1st RMA? 😉 I don't get my hopes up. I will just test it tomorrow and see what happens. I hope my link box and cable is also sent along with my Vive Pro 2, as I was told to send them for the 2nd RMA
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