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  1. Yes I have the UPS tracking, it says it will be here tomorrow. Thank you. Remember when you said it should be fixed on the 1st RMA? 😉 I don't get my hopes up. I will just test it tomorrow and see what happens. I hope my link box and cable is also sent along with my Vive Pro 2, as I was told to send them for the 2nd RMA
  2. @C.T. I just got my 2nd RMA report. It says no fault found. Yet in their email earlier, it says they fixed the problem. I hope to God when I get the Vive Pro 2 it will produce a display and no more error code 200. Email received earlier today before the report was done... Now I just got this report... ***EDIT*** Oh wait... ANOTHER report has just come in... 😂 I don't know if I should laugh or cry, or if I'm going to get a working Vive Pro 2 back for a 2nd time.
  3. Hi @C.T. You received my HTC Vive Pro 2, link box and cable on Monday. This was after the 1st RMA when I received it back from HTC Romania. Did you experience the same issue? No display and error 200? My 1st RMA only took 1 week. Do you have an update for me please? Thank you.
  4. 2nd RMA received. UPS collecting tomorrow again. I hope it can be fixed this time. When I had it, I listed all my original issues, it came back from HTC Romania repairs and now all I get is error code 200 and no display at all. If this cannot be fixed and tested before leaving for a 2nd time. I wish to receive a new replacement Vive Pro 2. I am sending the Vive Pro 2 back, but this time with the link box and the cable as instructed. I have spent so much time trying to troubleshoot this. Lots of Vive Console reports, SteamVR logs, reinstalling software, drivers, testing it with wired and wireless. Please no more tests. The Vive Pro 2 is great when it works.
  5. I have uninstalled Vive Console from Steam. Downloaded v2.1.182 (not the BETA version) Vive Console logs submitted again.
  6. Another? I've sent Vive Console log and SteamVR logs. I will do another. I have done so many tests for this repaired Vive Pro 2... It's coming to a point where I just want a replacement please. It was faulty from new, but got worse since repair.
  7. Hello, My Vive Pro 2 came back from repair because I always had display issues, black screen, mostly with the left eye such as black horizontal lines, black vertical lines, display flipped horizontally, green/red vertical lines and the audio buzzing in both headphones. Reset / Reinstalling USB Drivers (Vive Console) Reset Headset (Vive Console) Uninstalled SteamVR BETA Uninstalled Vive Console BETA Uninstalled Vive Wireless Uninstalled VivePort Restarted PC Installed SteamVR BETA Installed Vive Console BETA I have 3 monitors. I removed 2 of them Tested Vive Pro 2 with different DisplayPorts (I have 3 Display Ports on my 3080Ti Founders Edition) My Vive Pro 2 was working before. It would produce a display. After it was repaired, I plugged it in and I cannot get rid of this Error 200 code. SteamVR detects the Vive Pro 2, there is no display. steamvr failed initialization with error code VRInirror_IPC Compositor Connect Failed I have tested this with the Linkbox, power off and on, unplugged so there is no power. I have tested this with HTC Wireless, which is a short cable to the Vive Pro 2. This means I am not using my Linkbox or long cable to the Vive Pro 2 from the Linkbox. You have my SteamVR report and Vive Console Report. I am out of ideas and I spent a lot of time doing tests. I just want a Vive Pro 2 that works please. I think it's time you have this Vive Pro 2 back and I have a replacement.
  8. RMA only took 1 week, that is record timing. It has come back and it's not working at all. I connected it with the cable and it said there is a firmware update. It completed the firmware. It is not working. Getting error 200 all the time. I have tested different USB and Display Ports. I have reinstalled the USB drivers for the link box. Reset all settings in Vive Console.
  9. Of course I will try it, just don't know what any of that means. I'm hoping they fixed all the issues I listed not just the part about "switches off". Audio buzzing fixed too hopefully.
  10. @C.T. what does this all mean please? All it says for error is "switches off", but if you see above. I listed a lot more issues than that. The black lines, black screen, audio buzzing. Have they looked at everything? I listed all of the above issues on a letter with the Vive Pro 2 parcel.
  11. UPS delivered the Vive Pro 2 from UK to HTC repairs in Romania. Now to see how long it's in the repairs for. Delivered On Friday, September 03 at 17:49 at Reception
  12. Nothing to do with OC or bad CPU/GPU. Other VR headsets work fine. It's the Vive Pro 2 itself with bad quality control. That's why some of us are told to RMA by HTC themselves.
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