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  1. Yeah anything you try will not fix it. The only thing that improves it, is time. I think what triggers this is after 1st use, then leave it a few hours or overnight. Then when you turn your PC on, this is when it triggers the displays to break. If you leave it on for a few hours it gradually fades closer to normal, but still never completely disappears. Hard to see in games, so like my photos above, you need a clear neutral colour and then it is more obvious. HTC Technicians have a lot of submissions of data, so they're looking into it. Now we wait a little to see what they suggest. There i
  2. My lines almost disappeared. Turned it on the next day and they're back again. Not as prominent, but definitely noticeable. This wont self fix. HTC technicians are looking into it. I would highly suggest you open a support ticket. They need to know how many people are getting this. It's all different motherboards and graphics cards, so it's the Vive Pro 2 itself having some issue. I think when the PC and VR is turned off, then when it receives power again, then it happens. The YouTuber posted his and stated he left it for 15 hours, came back and it was broken. I left my off overnight, turned P
  3. Yes which I totally get, it needs to stretch those pixels out. It's impossible to get any graphics cards right now and I refuse to pay scalper prices. I can wait. So I just did a test. When I got the Vive Pro 2, I instantly removed the original face gasket/cover. I stuck on my thinner Kiwi VR cover instead. You are right. I actually noticed this before swapping my VR face gasket back on. The other night I moved the VP2 off my face, so it is further away and I noticed the clarity was a little better. What I have done now is put the original face gasket in the bag and put on the thickest
  4. I have to send my Vive Pro 2 back 😐 The displays are broken. They're both showing vertical coloured lines in the lower half and will not go away. There is a YouTuber that had the same issue, he thought it was just his press release version. Then about 10 others posted in the comments with the same thing. Quite gutted because this is the 1st real upgrade from the OG Vive which is over 5 years ago. I skipped the Pimax headsets (bad quality cracking plastics on the HMDs and lens distortion), skipped the Index (due to God Rays) and I skipped the G2 (due to WMR and horrible tracking). So I thoug
  5. I've posted the same thing, nothing will get the cameras working. I do have a piece of software called Yawcam that lets you select any camera and it does work in that, so I know the cameras are fine. Could you also comment on here about the clarity with your 3090 on Ultra or Extreme? @C.T.
  6. I noticed the automatic dimming yesterday and thought it was odd! I looked up and down and noticed the display actually adjusted itself. That really hinders me in games with dark scenes. Are you also having issues with clarity? It's like there is a plastic film on the lenses, it looks that bad. I actually checked a few times just to be sure there isn't any on the lenses.
  7. I've had the HTC Vive since release back in 2015/2016? I've been using the wireless adapter and it has been just fine. I then used the Gear lens mod and wow that literally improved the clarity. No more god rays and in actual fact, it was so sharp and clear, the low resolution of the OG Vive was more noticeable. I was tempted by Pimax, Index and the G2, but then this came out...Vive Pro 2... - Zero screen door effect - FOV - yes the vertical FOV is low, it is like a letter box. It is not an issue, as I have the thinner Kiwi VR cover face pad and I can get used to it. - Very comfortable &
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