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  1. Appreciate the info C.T

    "On DSC, yeah that’s been implemented in production devices since last summer at significant volume so that claim would not be accurate. I imagine some of our work on that technology together with partners smoothed the entrance of new devices like this one." 

    Pimax is and has been running DSC for quite some time Pre and after 90hz was achieved. They did have to use an extra USB for the 8kX but after going to a 6m optical its been reduced to 1 usb. Granted their 90hz on the 8kX  is limited to certain drivers for now I was a bit surprised to see the claim of being the first to do so by Vive.  Either way i rank marketing people with politicians. A lot of half truths  

    Hopefully its something you will achieve once the software matures. 

  2. Hello


    While the HMD is growing on me there is a lot of shortcomings and bugs. I am on the Beta version Current release verions is a computer freeze festival and how you can release something with the software in this state is beyond me. 

    First off all i use triple screens and i have 3 monitors connected and the VP2  but i still get this message.  You've exceeded the maximum number of monitors. There's a limit to the number of monitors you can connect to your graphics card. Connect at most 3 monitors. This is the only HMD i get this issue with and something i will actually return it for. 

    Then there is all the tracking bugs and alignment bugs in various games. Assetto corsa worked the first day but now the device insist on sending space bar. It will reset the VR view and if i press then window key to type something in the search it will insert spaces at random short intervals. It wont however do it when the game is deselected. 

    Motion smoothing seems to be fighting with the steamVR one or something else and when its on performance is quite bad and it struggles to keep the fps set to say 45. There's also a ton of artifacts. 

    Another is the vertical FOV. While i appreciate the nice wide fov and excellent wide sweetspot anyone that cant keep this HMD so close it hurts they nose will have a bad experience in my opinion. This is much to big of a sacrifice to make and please never make such a narrow vertical fov again. Its something we really really dont want in VR. 

    What i really do like is the panels themselves. The colors are great and black levels fantastic for a lcd panel so thanks for that. I will actually be replacing my Pimax 8kX for this one. Or well i will if you sort out the software issues fairly quick. I dont want my computer to freeze for 30 seconds each time i quit steam VR 

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