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  1. Heya, is it possible to get an earlier version of the ViveVR software for testing in relation to the mentioned issues ive had in this thread?
  2. By just looking roughly at the events in the log, it does indeed seem similar, though your log seems to get a little bit more events happening from your lighthouses before HMD gets shut off, but this is maybe because you play on wireless. Both our cases seems to be initiated by ViveVR if I read the logs correctly, so I would say it is very likely that this is a software problem. Admittedly in my case, the cable is the only part that has been "vulnerable" to damage through my time of use, as the HMD has seen no drops, bangs or any sort of rough use that would be leading to HMD failure when it worked perfectly fine for almost 2 months prior to this. Does your HMD work ok if you use it with a cable connection?
  3. Just out of curiosity, if you create a SteamVR system report and look back at a timestamp where your headset restarts itself, do you find similar information as I do here on mine? Note that the red arrow points to the moment when the displays in my HMD shuts off and everything goes bad. It does seem to pinpoint some kind of event created by viveVR. The logs does correspond pretty well with what I experience happening. (I blacked out some parts on the picture that could potentially relate to my devices specific information)
  4. Hmm, then I think our problems are pretty much the same, but with different connection methods as you have wireless I presume. When the Steam VR view in my video becomes stuttery and you can see audio sources being "shuffled around", that is when the Cosmos Elite is seemingly rebooting and all visuals are lost within the headset itself, turning the screens inside the lenses totally black, as if the headset was turned off. Then a few seconds later it comes back to normal again. This does seem to be some kind of power management error in the ViveVR software (from what I can gather) as I have been scanning through the SteamVR logs to find out what is going on, and where the problem appears to occur first. For all I know, this could be caused by a changed value in the latest software for when power is supposed to be cut due to overheating, as I can noticeably hear the HMD fan going a lot. If my HMD was old, I would probably think it was due to a lot of gathered dust, but my HMD is very new so that dust particles is unlikely to be the reason. I did contact Nvidia to see if they were helpful with this (as GPU control could be a contributor) but the answer I got was simply that my GTX1060 is too bad to run a VR headset on, and then they closed the chat. I have fortunately found someone not too far away that has the Cosmos Elite and a RTX 3070, I will be doing comparison tests on the different HMD's to find out if this is a HMD hardware issue, a GPU issue or a software issue. We might be doing this on Tuesday if all goes well. It is annoying having to do such extensive troubleshooting as I have done, but fortunately it will likely result in a definite answer for me.
  5. Hello Cate. First of all, I apologize if I phrase myself wrong sometimes, I am not a native english speaker. But I am curious as to if your issue is similar to how I experience it in this video I recorded. I say some dumb things like that the headset gets unplugged and plugged in again while I meant that it gets disconnected and reconnected on its own, but during the entire video I am just sitting in my chair with my headset on my head and the display flipped up, basically monitoring what's happening on the pc screen. Edit: this is also done on a clean install of windows, with only the essentials for VR (steamvr, vive software and 2 games) installed on the computer along with OBS and discord.
  6. Having the same issue, but this is not via a wireless module for the Cosmos Elite. Vive Console is giving Error 222 and the headset is only 2 months old and undamaged (I am super careful with my things cause I hate having stuff break.) I did send in a report on this and I am waiting for a reply and I have spent a good amount of time troubleshooting this with no result.
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