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  1. Hi all. Just got the Vive Pro 2. I have been using Vive Pro for a couple of years now. and I have to say that my first impression was the huge difference in the blacks. In the pro 2 the blacks are very gray. In a scene in Half Life Alyx, in an area where it is supposed to be dark, this new gray brightness is so strong and annoying in comparison with Vive Pro that I now have second doubts about my new purchase. I have been searching everywhere to find some kind of brightness settings but I cannot see it anywhere. SteamVR shows Night Mode control for Vive Pro, which at least something. But when I switch to Vive Pro 2, even this Night Mode settings disappears. I even tried to edit some files like c:\ProgramData\HTC\ViveSoftware\ViveVRRuntime\htcvr.vrsettings, but my custom setting for contrast gets overwritten immediately after I start SteamVR. This is the settings I used : { "driver_fog" : { "EnableCRLog" : 0, "EnableHmdLog" : 0 }, "driver_lighthouse" : { "deactivateStandbyOverride" : 2 }, "htcvr" : { "DisplayResolutionAuto" : false, "DisplayResolutionMode" : 4, "preferFrameRate" : 120 "Contrast" : 0.1, "Saturation" : 1 } } It is as if they are systematically trying to avoid this. I now understand that the cause of this massive change is because they are using LCD as opposed OLED. I would have to say based on what I see this is more like a down-grade than an up-grade (or may be a side-grade). The resolution of Vive Pro 2 is much better and the screen door effect of the Vive Pro is gone. So loving this part of it. But I am agonising over whether I should return the Pro 2 and stick with the good old Vive Pro with beautiful deep blacks, or just accept this gray-is-black feature and then enjoy the high res. And my eyes hurt after I used the Vive Pro as if someone has been shining a bit too much light into my eyes. I got this snow effect afterwards when I took it off as if everything is a little white. I just wonder could they really not do the resolution upgrade with an OLED. Is such resolution and a switch from 90Hz to 120 hz not possible with OLED. May be someone informed can shed light, but I for one, as a customer and a fan of Vive, am rather disappointed with this new design choice. If I had a choice between Pro 2 and something else with the same Vive Pro OLED style black, I would buy it instantly! Hope some vive pro engineers look into this. Thanks.
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