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  1. Reddit and Discord is full of posts with people having display issues after leaving their headsets overnight, wishing we could figure out what is happening. I've noticed the headset is quite warm while in standby, around 98*F (35*C). That is with steam VR Off, headset status LED dim green. May be completely unrelated, but still seems warm for a headset that is in standby.
  2. like SteamVR is shut down, headset just plugged in. Status LED is Dim green, not bright green.
  3. Just got my headset, and noticed that with the headset is in standby mode, screens off as far as I can tell, LED light dim green, the headset is WARM. Something in the headset is not going to sleep properly. Perhaps this is part of peoples issues with "I set it down, 10 hours later it's messed up"? Anyone else notice this? For now, I've turned off the connect box. I'll have to leave that someplace accessible for sure...
  4. I have tracking information, but FedEx says they still don't have the package. Here's hoping it arrives tomorrow (Wednesday is my scheduled "Game night")
  5. hah, Hi dburne...same boat as me. (Except I pre-ordered on the 28th, so you're supposedly ahead of me in the queue)
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