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  1. Thank you for your insight ! Although it turns out it does work 🙂
  2. Thank you HackPerception for your detailed answer ! By now I can confim that chaning from the tethered vive 2 to the wireless pro works without any issues. Just close SteamVr, power off the Link box to the Pro2 and start the vive pro wireless software, start SteamVr. works. Amazing tech and thanks for the support!
  3. Hi everyone I would appreciate help / insight on the following issue: My understanding is that my new vive 2 will be worse wirelessly than my currently connected vive pro - until the update. And even then, it will not be able to show the full potential of the headset in terms of resolution or refresh rate. Thethered however, it should be quite the upgrade. My problem is: I never want to go back to tethered roomscale... So: Is it possible to just install the vive 2 WITHOUT uninstalling my vive pro wireless setup ? I would like to use the pro 2 tethered with all seated games and the vive pro wirelessly for room-scale. At least until the resolution update... Thanks for any help!
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