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  1. Well I have certainly run it a few hours yesterday and a few today - so far ok but keeping fingers crossed.
  2. So far so good on my end. Just got my VP2 yesterday, pretty pleased so far.
  3. Mine is showing will be delivered today. It also shows it currently is about 5 hours away so will see. On another note, is the maximum of two posts per day a permanent thing or does it eventually open up?
  4. Fed Ex now shows mine will be delivered tomorrow rather than today.
  5. Mine is due to arrive tomorrow (Wed). I will be trying it out with my 3090 GPU.
  6. Yeah I am ready and waiting for mine tomorrow. Already have the set of Kiwi face cushions for it.
  7. Yep same here, mine shipped via Fed Ex and scheduled delivery is tomorrow (Wed).
  8. Yeah this is really not looking good for HTC. Pre-ordered on May 13th. Money was taken from my account the same day. Never got an estimated delivery date. Been just showing waiting for fulfillment since early Friday, whatever the heck that means. In mean time I see more and more on the forums receiving their headsets. One would think by pre-ordering we might be the first to get them. Guess they just wanted the money.
  9. I was kind of wondering the same. Money was taken out of my account the day I pre-ordered this thing back on May 13th. Just shows "waiting for fulfillment". Then I read posts on other forums of folks just ordering from an e-tailer and already getting it in 1-2 days.
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