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  1. C.T. I updated but do not see an Open XR option in the Advanced settings menu of Vive Console. Is that only for Cosmos? I have Vive Pro 2.
  2. Very true. I have been more than thrilled with my VP2 I got in June. After reading some of these reports I was quite nervous and just waiting for my headset to go south on me. However it never did - at least so far. And I use the thing - mostly in combat flight sims - almost every day for a few hours a day. Mine is performing like a champ for me and I am quite happy with it. I will note though I prefer using earbuds through my Creative sound jack, so I can't really comment on the VP2 audio. The mic I do use through Voice Attack and Vaicom Pro for DCS, do not seem to have any issue with it so far. I don't do multiplayer so I am not in a position for others to comment on how I sound. My heaviest usage is with DCS - followed by IL-2 Great Battles, and have done a couple playthroughs of Half Life Alyx with it along with a play through of Medal of Honor Above and Beyond. So far I have been quite pleased. I run mine at 120 Hz and resolution around 3kx3k per eye for the flight sims, little higher for the other made for VR games. I do not use Vive's Motion Compensation - I find it horrid really - I get much better results with it off. Long as I can maintain 60 fps in flight sims I get very good experience. But yeah I have quite a number of hours of use out of my Vive Pro 2 now and am well satisfied so far.
  3. Fully agree the Vive Motion Compensation is horrible. I always game with it off, especially for my flight sims. Surprisingly I do get very good results in doing so. Very happy with my image quality.
  4. It is a shame HTC did not just send you guys new units right away that were having this issue rather than holding on to them for weeks then sending back with no issue found. Obviously there is an issue there as it has happened to a few of you as represented here on the forums. I would have done the same as you guys in this case and abandoned Vive. And it really is a shame in that there are good headsets out there as I can attest to. Been running mine hard daily since getting it in June and have been very pleased with mine. I have both a Reverb G2 and an Index sitting here and much prefer my Vive Pro 2 now. Still knocking on wood to be safe though lol. Previously I used the G2 for my flight sims and the Index for other made for VR games like Alyx, now though I am glad to be back to one headset with the Vive Pro 2. Hoping my luck continues to hold out...
  5. Yeah that is strange - I am running a 3090 card with two monitors and Vive Pro 2 connected without any issue. Hopefully they will get you figured out.
  6. You got something very strange going on there. PC specs? When was Windows 10 installed? Any updates hanging out there that have not been installed? Are you overclocking and have you done any stress testing on the system? Any other VR software installed like from previous devices?
  7. I will have to check the brightness adjustment out. Great to hear your new headset is still rockin good.
  8. Good to hear! I knew I probably was not the only one with a good VP2 out there.
  9. I always launch the Vive Console and let it get connected with Steam VR prior to launching any game.
  10. Perhaps not. I subscribe to a couple of flight sim forums and there are a few Vive Pro 2 users there now, have not seen anyone mention an issue like this. And these guys can be hard to please at times. Mine is still doing quite well for me , very pleased so far.
  11. I wish you guys the best, from what I have seen across multiple forums Pimax can be a bit hit or miss. I have several headsets but never had one of theirs so can not speak from experience there, just stuff I have read.
  12. Ah ok yeah something is definitely amiss there.
  13. Make sure resolution in the Vive Console is set to fixed rather than auto. Make sure HAGS in Windows 10 is disabled. Steam VR reports my resolution as 150% which is around 4k per eye.
  14. Not sure on device performance but things seem to be ok on my end after the update.
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