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  1. So i have done some digging and found something weird out for those who may be having the same issue as i am. I installed the Beta version of the Vive software and so far no freezes when i go back to desktop after closing a VR game with the headset. Weird. However maybe this might help someone else !
  2. So i can tell that you're getting frustrated with this as i am with my issue. However i know one of the biggest issues when using Vive Wireless is a constant disconnect after a few minutes due to the wireless's heat output. Seriously look it up via google it's a BIG well known issue. People have gotten creative by finding ways to mount a fan to help push heat out ! Check this out :
  3. So i am just trying to find out without a doubt two things. One if VivePort is needed to be installed to use the Vive Cosmos Elite and why is it that when i use Viveport that when i exit a game it causes my PC to freeze completely. I am able to turn the headset on, play a game and etc. but as soon as i exit a game or try to exit VR my PC just freezes completely. I have checked all sources to make sure that i have nothing in the background running that could cause any issues. It is literally ONLY happening when i use my Cosmos Elite but when using my Quest 2 via Link or Virtual Destkop. Lit
  4. In order for the Vive Cosmos or Cosmos Elite to display anything on it's screen it needs to have VivePort installed.
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