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  1. So still no fix for the vertical lines with head movement issue?
  2. Hello i have yhe 8kx too and had it with the vive pro 2,could you pm me please how you did it...
  3. Still nothing from htc,will there ever come a fix or can we throw our vive pro 2 in the garbage?
  4. The terrible Pixel column banding is a big problem on the vive pro 2.Alot off people have this now.. But the comminication to us customers with htc is terrible. When you move your head you see terrible scanlines..It wasnt there in the beginning! Maybe the big youtubers can put some pressure on htc so they wake up and will help us.. Please htc be more open to this problem and communicate with us.. Is it hardware or software related?
  5. Hello there, we are still waiting on some answers about this huge problem on our vive pro 2...
  6. thats not the problem,i tried it wireless it has the same problem... So its hardware or software related.. But htc are not transparant to their customers.. Its a huge problem.
  7. I have the pimax 8kx also,it does have it but horizontal but its very very very hard to see almost none.. The vive pro 2 when i just got it doesnt had it otherwise i would have send it right back... But now when you move your head its way too much... almost low resolution.. It looks like a first gen headset with this problem!
  8. They dont seem to care somehow,its stange... When i first had the unit it didnt have those scanlines... So its a hardware fauliure or soft or firmware fauliure.. I wish htc would communicate with us.. I never had a bad support with a company like htc
  9. We like to know if they found the problem with our vive pro 2 s ? We like to get more information from htc...
  10. Thx for the reply, We already did. some people got their unit back after sending it to htc with the message there is nothing wrong with it?? Those scanlines (pixel inversion) wasnt there before.. So or our devices broke and its a hardware defect or its software or firmware related.
  11. We need to know if the vertical scanlines when moving your head is hardware related,now we still can return our vive pro 2 headsets!
  12. Still no reply from htc? We need we need a column correction software fix like on index.. This pixel inversion is terrible on the vive pro 2
  13. This update didnt fix the vertical lines........😒
  14. Maybe you can write some vr youtubers too,the more the better..we need communication..And a fix
  15. i contacted some big youtubers.. i hope they can ring a bell at the vive office.. Hopefully there comes a fix for the huge column mismatch on some vive pro 2 units now..
  16. My biggest complain is:when i move my head i see terrible scanlines.. The headset is unusable this way.. it breaks the immersion and the image looks lowres then. By the way it look like this: https://imgur.com/Q329F0j
  17. We need to know if we must return the vive pro 2,they dont respond to us at all... What a bad support...
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