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  1. Also, especially in 120hz modes what steamVR reports as rendered resolution can not possibly be correct when the resolution per eye equates to like 4.4m pixels and performs worse than my previous headset did when set to 5.9m pixels per eye. @C.T.
  2. I'm copy and pasting from a post I made in another forum.. and I really really really really hope this is a bug, as the design choice of forcing automatic resolution settings on the end user has got to be the worst decision you could've possibly made. My ability to fine tune my system for performance is miles ahead of what Vive Console or SteamVR's automatic resolution scaling options provide. In fact.. i absolutely NEED the ability to get a consistent resolution every single time I start SteamVR. And the ability to disable motion compensation, which is obviously bugged as we are not able to is another performance tweaking tool that I haven't been able to live without with my previous VR headset. "Interesting find however thanks to you pointing me to the vr compositor log. It does seem to be doing some automated calcualations. Here are some more reasons I don't want it to do so, and therefore disabled the automatic resolution setting in vive console, which didn't provide the result I was looking for. This is what happened when I enabled the boost lock for my GPU in EVGA Precision, which actually puts me between 1980-2055mhz gpu clock Additional VsyncToPhoton time = 0.000000 seconds. [2021-06-10 13:04:29.944 -5 0xF3C INFO Initialize] Adapter[0] LUID.hp = 0, LUID.lp = 54771 [2021-06-10 13:04:29.944 -5 0xF3C INFO Initialize] Display Padding: (0, 0) [2021-06-10 13:04:29.944 -5 0xF3C INFO Initialize] Display Width: 4896, Height: 2448 [2021-06-10 13:04:29.944 -5 0xF3C INFO Initialize] Default Render Width (per eye): 3320, Height: 3320 [2021-06-10 13:04:29.945 -5 0xF3C INFO Initialize] Hidden mesh area per eye: 0.100613 [2021-06-10 13:04:29.945 -5 0xF3C INFO Initialize] Measure GPU speed with 2880 x 1700 render target. [2021-06-10 13:04:30.181 -5 0xF3C INFO Initialize] GPU speed test result: 1690 MP/s [2021-06-10 13:04:30.181 -5 0xF3C INFO Initialize] Estimated default throughput: 1784 MP/s [2021-06-10 13:04:30.181 -5 0xF3C INFO Initialize] Adjusted render Width (per eye): 3218, Height: 3218 [Scale = 0.940000] SteamVR resolutoin at 150% 3104.. um. apparently 150% is the new 100%. This what happens at idle gpu clock speeds, which is actually 1350mhz [2021-06-10 13:22:16.019 -5 0xEE0 INFO Initialize] Adapter[0] LUID.hp = 0, LUID.lp = 55475 [2021-06-10 13:22:16.019 -5 0xEE0 INFO Initialize] Display Padding: (0, 0) [2021-06-10 13:22:16.019 -5 0xEE0 INFO Initialize] Display Width: 4896, Height: 2448 [2021-06-10 13:22:16.019 -5 0xEE0 INFO Initialize] Default Render Width (per eye): 2842, Height: 2842 [2021-06-10 13:22:16.020 -5 0xEE0 INFO Initialize] Hidden mesh area per eye: 0.100613 [2021-06-10 13:22:16.020 -5 0xEE0 INFO Initialize] Measure GPU speed with 2880 x 1700 render target. [2021-06-10 13:22:16.340 -5 0xEE0 INFO Initialize] GPU speed test result: 1225 MP/s [2021-06-10 13:22:16.340 -5 0xEE0 INFO Initialize] Estimated default throughput: 1307 MP/s [2021-06-10 13:22:16.340 -5 0xEE0 INFO Initialize] Adjusted render Width (per eye): 2740, Height: 2740 [Scale = 0.930000] Furthermore, my reported resolutions between steamVR sessions are never the same, despite having disabled the automatic resolution scaling features in both SteamVR and Vive Console. 150%SS in SteamVR is actually much closer to the reported resolutions on the bottom line taken in to scale. 3218 x .94 = 3024ish.. so it's just hair higher at Steams 3104x3104 resolution. That will still probably be a different number the next time I started up SteamVR however, as it is always a different result. If this is truthfully as designed, and not some confusion between the HTC software development team on what this feature should do or a bug where my resolution is different every single time I start up SteamVR? That's a deal breaker for me. It makes absolutely zero sense for you to allow me to manually choose a resolution, and then completely ignore the setting I chose. And then base that on my IDLE gpu clock frequencies which are no where close to where I'll be when a VR title is actually running. Defeats the whole purpose of disabling automatic settings for performance tweaks. I have never utilized, neither have I ever wanted software to attempt to handle my performance tweaking for me. Especially in DCSW and other sims where I have put countless hours into determining my sweetspots for VR performance with far better results than automatic scaling has ever offered me. I don't forsee HTC fixing it before my return period is up. Hope they prove me wrong. It makes more sense to me still that the automatic display resolution setting in Vive Console is bugged much like the Motion Compensation switch having no effect on or off. In fact the only consistency the option seems to offer when disabled is the refresh rate chosen. "
  3. I don't have the static noise. But here is a copy and paste by me in a forum I frequent.. including a youtube video I put up demonstrating the resolution fiasco. Before that.. HTC.. can you guys just build hardware and let the software moguls make it work like you did with the OG Vive? Valve is why you have a foothold in this business. Also.. I see no difference between motion compensation on and off. And I'm hard pressed to believe it's performing better than Valve's motion smoothing. Now that you mention framerate is limited by half.. I'm unsure if this is motion compensation or just another bug. Whatever the case, it's one more thing making trying to optimize my favorite VR titles a very difficult task. "I'm absolutely convinced there are software issues that aren't worked out. I just recorded a 10 minute video of my desktop. Sorry I wanted to keep it much shorter but.. I think you'll see why it took me so long and will be a good illustration of why Vive Console is a step I don't understand the reasoning for, especially when it has this many issues out of the gate. I'll edit this post with a link to the video after it's done processing. I'm back to showing a different resolution in SteamVR everytime I restart despite being set to custom setting, also.. when I change resolution in Vive Console to say the lowest setting which should be 1224x1224 per eye SteamVR is reporting resoltion of 2108x2108. I mean.. steamvr SS setting has never matched exactly with the screen's resolution of any headset.. but 2108x2108 is a pretty giant leap from 1224x1224. I'm going to try steamvr beta again and see if anything changes.. If it's not at a high enough definition - check back later.. Sorry I wasn't about to put the effort of a script and video editing into this, so forgive me for tripping over my words a little bit. *Edit* No difference in steamVR beta. Different resolution every time I start SteamVR despite no change to my settings in Vive console. I'm not sure anything is actually being rendered at the resolution SteamVR states.. but if by chance it is actually changing all the time like that, people are going to have a hard time getting consistent performance between VR sessions unless this is isolated to just me. I'm going to present this in the HTC forums. "
  4. Yeah that setting's already disabled on my PC. Are you actually watching your FPS while you're playing Elite Dangerous? I haven't had it installed for years but it's not quite as demanding as the IL-2 Great Battles or DCSW and their limitations using DX11. You said in another thread you lowered ambient occlusion and got a performance boost.. perhaps your maintaining 90fps more frequently? IN two games that need it, I can't seem to get a decent experience using motion compensation.
  5. I also don't understand HTC's decision at all to reinvent the wheel. SteamVR has all the tools we need built into it, motion smoothing, setting FIXED FPS amounts per application, resolution per application, refresh rate selection with the index. I could enable/disable motion reprojection while a game was running with my Samsung Odyssey in WMR. I mean.. I like the lighthouse tracking a lot.. but I'm half tempted to return the Pro 2 myself and just get an index to make life easy for several hundred less, at the same time.. I'm loving the screens. But I'm really not enjoying motion compensation in the enviroments I require it in. HTC you guys should see the flight simming forums I'm invovled with and see the amount of VR users PINING for higher resolutions.. I know Reverb G2 users who were hoping to cut the Mixed Reality portal out of the picture and use only SteamVR to be caught off guard for the requirement of the Vive Console. As far as I'm concerned Vive Console should be optional. The only benefit it seems to offer the Pro 2 is driver updates.. other than that it is another layer of tedium, potential confusion and replaces one useful feature with an HTC branded one that works like early compensation methods for being unable to achieve 90fps. I also have to restart steamVR to make changes? Gross. We already paid a premium, no need for brand locking software requirements. Who is making these decisions? Maybe replace them.
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