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  1. Thank you, @C.T.! I have uploaded today's logs showing the continued 210 issues. David
  2. Hi @HackPerception, thank you for the suggestion. I performed a "clean install" of the 466.27 driver, as you suggested. Unfortunately, this also did not appear to have any effect on the problem at hand. To enumerate all of the other things I've also tried, I've updated the PC's BIOS, and completely uninstalled and reinstalled all VIVE software, and tried the "Reset headset and settings" option inside VIVE Console. I've tried to opt-in to the Beta version of VIVE Console, and tried to opt-in to the OpenXR version, then reverted back to the base Public version (a process which involved downloading different versions of the firmware onto the Cosmos). None of these have helped; the problem continues exactly as it has: VIVE Console appears to go through its normal start-up sequence, and when it reaches the point when it would light up the Cosmos display, it instead transitions to "210: The compositor was disconnected. Restart VIVE Console to fix this." (It does occasionally transition to a different error message instead, such as 006: The DisplayPort connection is unstable, but it has always done this occasionally, and a restart of the headset generally clears that up, as it still does now. But then it transitions again to 210, which is the new behavior I am now seeing.) David
  3. Hi C.T., Thank you for your reply! I have updated the Nvidia driver to 466.27, as you suggested. Unfortunately, it did not appear to change this behavior. I just spend the past 30 minutes or so launching and re-launching VIVE Console and restarting the VIVE Cosmos. It never successfully connected. Also, it's worth mentioning again that I observer very similar behavior on my other VR PC, which has an AMD card, a Radeon RX Vega M (and has current drivers). Would it help to re-upload the log files from today's failed experiments? Is there something else I can try next? Many thanks, David
  4. I've had a VIVE Cosmos since November 2019. It's been working great up until last week. I have two different VR-capable PC's, and before last week I could run my Cosmos well on either one of them. Now, the Cosmos struggles to connect on either PC (but it can eventually connect, and once it does it works as well as ever). The last time I plugged it on without difficulties was a couple of months ago; it's been tucked away in its box since then. When I plugged it in last week, VIVE Console wanted to download an update (to, I believe), and it also wanted to install an update to the Cosmos firmware. I let it do these things. When it was finished updating, it would no longer successfully connect to the Cosmos. It goes through the normal startup-and-launch sequence, getting as far as saying "Ready", which is the point at which it would normally light up the Cosmos display. Instead, the display remains dark, and the VIVE Console message transitions to saying "210: The compositor was disconnected. Restart VIVE Console to fix this." It is a lie. Restarting VIVE Console does not fix this. If I restart, it goes through the exact same sequence again, and again transitions to error 210. (Sometimes it gets to a slightly different error message, and invites me to restart the Cosmos instead. That also doesn't help.) Eventually, after fussing with it for about 90 minutes of watching it fail to connect in one way or another, it suddenly connected and lit up the Cosmos display, and then everything worked perfectly. But then the next day the same thing happened, it repeatedly failed to connect. And once again, after a lot of failures, I suddenly saw it connect and start to work again. This is obviously an unacceptable state. The Cosmos is almost completely unusable like this; I can't fuss with the software for 90 minutes or more every time I want to use it. It's probably not a problem with the software or hardware on my PC, because it behaves exactly the same way on my other VR PC (which is a very different brand and model of PC). It could be a problem with the hardware of the Cosmos itself; but if it is, it's not clear what I should do about that. I've checked that the video cable is securely connected into its socket. What should I do next? Many thanks, David
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