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  1. To: HackPerception Well, I contacted www.vive.com/support like you said above and was helped by Rafael M. He cancelled my original order even though I showed him your post from here. I then requested the code just a few minutes ago to try again. The web site still will not apply the discount as of 2:20 PM MST on May 14th. It says invalid promo code. He has escalated this, but I don't wish to lose my spot again so I reordered it just a few minutes ago without the code. I don't want to keep cancelling my orders to get $50. The other thing I noticed was that you have to accept pop up's in order to sign up for the newsletter to get the code in the first place. I have pop ups turned off in most cases which causes issues in getting the code in the first place. I currently have a Valve Index which I like. I sure hope this headset turns out to be worth the cost. At least the FOV is up to 120 degrees horizontal not diagonal which is slightly more than my Index. I hope the colors and brightness are at least as good as the index, and there is less distortion / god rays. It's a lot of money to spend without any reviews out yet.
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