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  1. I see that does makes sense yeah. Oh, I should mention the controllers vibrating and blinking doe snot always happen! It happens like... 1/4 times possibly? And playing on a wood floor, so it certainly is not static issues either.
  2. Nothing of the sort at all. It just quietly and suddenly happens, the only thing sound wise that happens is that the sound gets muffled when the screen turns grey, as it always does when one actually goes out of lighthouse range.
  3. Hello there. My problem currently is that my Vive just randomly starts showing me grey screen, and my controllers starting to vibrate and have their lights flickers colours. Now, I have used this set up for a long time, easily a year if not more, and never have had any issues whatsoever. And it also seems to only become and issue when I play Half Life Alyx, after playing it for roughly 45-60 minutes. However even then that issue is new as well, because when I originally started playing said game a week or so ago, I played my first time for at least 3 hours without any issues. Furthermore I have played The Room VR completely, without any issues as well, which again was an endeavor of roughly 2 or 3 hours... Everything is fully up-to-date so it isnt a firmware issue, I have not once moved my light houses, I made sure the light house fronts are clean so they can easily pick up the signals... I have absolutely no idea what could be wrong, so I hope somebody here knows what might be the issue.
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