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  1. Can I get some official input here? Ive also had screen flicker; worst, most horrendous lens glare I can possibly imagine; abysmal sweetspot; poor edge to edge clarity. Sharpness compared to G2 is as if someone smeared Vive Pro 2 with vaseline. Im running it off 3090 in extreme mode.
  2. Dear Vive, The right headphone makes a horrible buzzing/static sound all the time, rendering the headset unusable without external headphones - headset is on its own surge protector - can this be fixed or is it RMA time? Everyone on reddit is experiencing this to some degree. Will steamVR motion smoothing be supported? I cannot run most things with a 3090 with this headset Will 120hz wireless ever be supported with the vive pro wireless kit? Thank you. Respectfully yours
  3. Need this asap, can we please have official input? Cant run msfs2020, ets2, ats, most things I enjoy - and thats with a 3090
  4. Dear Everyone and HackPerception, I have the vive pro 2 on pre-order with the wireless kit. I also own quest 2, and today it got official update to enable 120hz over the wifi, which works so well I cannot wrap my brain around it. How is it that the wireless kit that alone cost me more than quest2 does not do 120hz wirelessly? This is laughable. My full vive set is costing me 3400 Canadian when the quest2 can be had for 450. And quest2 does 120hz wirelessly when vive pro 2 doesn't? How are we justifying lack of 120hz on the wireless? Help me understand. I'm a
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