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  1. I agree.. It was way to warm for my tastes.. If it wasn't for noise I would almost wish they added active cooling to the rig. Then we would not sweat nearly as much as well.
  2. So after my first session with the pro 2, I put it up for the night. Come back the next day and there are lines across both HMD displays. I have tried everything I can find on the forums to fix this. Turned off gpu scheduling and everything. Running the latest gpu drivers from AMD. I have an RX 580 btw, which ran my OG Vive great and even my brothers Quest 2 fine. The lines are there in every resolution.. You can see them as soon as the screens turn on.. Also the Pro 2 was very hot. like it never turned off at all. I've also uninstalled everything and re-installed, to no avail. If I can't g
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