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  1. Hello, i have the same problems with my HTC vive Cosmos, its always loosing a tracking when i crouch or trying to grab something on the floor, i read a lot of info and help how to improve the environment, so i already added a lot of lights and placed a lot of markers, pictures on the wall and floor, also small carpets, removed small mirrors that i had and even turned off monitor in case if it also caused the problem, and nothing worked, i dont know if its a problem of the hardware or something else, or its a bug of softwares, and this issue happens in all games, ALYX and Tutorials and BeatSaber and etc. So i need to figure out what can i do with it? Should i take it back to the store and refund it or somehow there is a way to fix it, or need to buy Base Stations to improve tracking which is more expensive and not good choice for me.

    ps Ive sent a Troubleshoot ticket, hope it will help. 

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