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  1. No one has experienced this? Sorry to bother you, but do you have any tips, @Corvus?
  2. Look at the API for GetGazeRay Here is one entry for that: static bool GetGazeRay (GazeIndex gazeIndex, out Vector3 origin, out Vector3 direction, EyeData_v2 eye_data) What it does is gives you the direction the eyes are looking in the vector "direction". If you want to know what the object is looking at you can take the direction vector, and the origin of the vector and use RayCast to see if the gaze ray is hitting any colliders. Or, it will be easier to use the focus method: static bool Focus (GazeIndex index, out Ray ray,
  3. Hello, I encountered an issues with measuring eye openness. I was trying to use the callback so that I can get rapid samples, and it seemed to be working until I started looking at eye openness. I was following suggestions elsewhere in this forum for counting blinks and was checking if the openness was less than a threshold, like 0.1. I was just registering blinks all the time. Upon more checking I found out that the left eye had a wide range of values, from near 0 to very large, reaching 2,000,000. The right eye, on the other hand, was always extremely small, 10^-15, but maxing out at
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